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Instructions: Outlook.com with your own domain

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Would you like to use a personalized e-mail address at no extra cost? No problem: With Outlook.com Premium you can use your own domain (e.g. lennartwoermer.de) with your e-mail inbox at Outlook.com. The prerequisite for this is that your domain is hosted at GoDaddy and a Microsoft 365 subscription. I personally use this function and receive my emails from the contact form directly in Outlook.com. This gives me full Exchange functionality and no extra costs for additional Exchange hosting.


Would you like to take advantage of Microsoft's offer? Here are some Preparations to meet:

  • Outlook.com Premium through Microsoft 365 subscription (Single, Family)
  • Hosting your own domain with GoDaddy

In order to make this offer available to paying private customers of Microsoft 365, Microsoft is a Partnership with GoDaddy entered into. Therefore, the hosting of your own domain must be done exclusively by GoDaddy. If you do not yet have your own domain, you can register a .de domain for 12.99 euros per year buy.

The linking of your own domain with Outlook.com Premium described below results in the following Possibilities:

  • Sending and receiving from a personalized e-mail address (own domain)
  • Usability of the personalized alias across all Outlook apps
  • Advantages of the Exchange infrastructure of Outlook.com

Microsoft restricts the offer for the purpose of Differentiation from fee-based products however, the following features:

  • Only one domain from GoDaddy can be added per Microsoft account.
  • Only one alias can be created for the added domain (no additional alias, only the alias that is also used during setup).

If you want more, you need to purchase an Exchange Online plan or (in the larger package) Microsoft 365 Apps for Business:


First of all, log in using your Microsoft account linked to Microsoft 365 Personal/Home in Outlook.com. In the Settings there is a Premium area again. The functions it contains are exclusive to users of Microsoft 365 Personal/Home. In the Functions of the premium area you can enter your personalized e-mail address by clicking on First steps create.

Outlook Domain GoDaddy 1
Outlook.com settings

In the following dialog, if you do not have any Domain at GoDaddy you have the option of buying one. The following assumes that you already have a domain with GoDaddy. It continues a little hidden at the bottom.

Outlook Domain GoDaddy 2
Setting up the personalized e-mail address

In the following step you now type your existing GoDaddy domain for example lennartwoermer.de. With one click on Check ensures that the domain is really administered by GoDaddy - after all, there is the aforementioned partnership.

Outlook Domain GoDaddy 3
Check your own domain

After successful verification (no waiting time), you must register with GoDaddy. There are two reasons for this: On the one hand, the domain owner is authenticated, on the other hand, necessary DNS settings set automatically:

TypeNameValueTTL (Time To Live)
CNAMEautodiscoverautodiscover.outlook.com1 hour
TXT@v=spf1 include:spf.protection.outlook.com -all1 hour
MX@xxxxxxxxx.pamx1.hotmail.com (Priority: 0)1 hour
TXT_outlookxxxxxxxxx1 hour

In order to authenticate with GoDaddyyou have to register:

Outlook Domain GoDaddy 4
Authentication with GoDaddy (Part 1)

With one click on Connect to continue in a new window.

Outlook Domain GoDaddy 5
Authentication with GoDaddy (Part 2)

After successful authentication and configuration, it is recommended to Waiting time of 15 minutesto continue with the following steps. This can be confirmed with All clear.

Outlook Domain GoDaddy 6
Finalizing the configuration

After waiting 15 minutes, navigate back to the Premium area of the Outlook.vom settings and you can now create your personal Create address.

Outlook Domain GoDaddy 7
Create the personalized e-mail address

Now you can use your Alias of your personal e-mail address enter - for example alias@lennartwoermer.de. Click on Next to check and make some technical configurations. If errors occur at this point, we recommend that you click on Microsoft help on this topic. or alternatively the Outlook.com support.

Outlook Domain GoDaddy 8
Enter the personalized e-mail address

Once you have successfully set up your personalized email address, you can now Switch to inboxto send and receive emails with your new address - and the without waiting time!

Outlook Domain GoDaddy 9
Completion of the personalized e-mail address

Another look at the corresponding settings shows: The personalized email address and the associated domain have been added. It is now theoretically possible to remove the new e-mail address again.

Outlook Domain GoDaddy 10
Outlook.com settings

More Help from Microsoft can be found on this page:

Questions & Answers

Is an own domain for Outlook.com free of charge?

If you have Outlook.com Premium through an active and valid Microsoft 365 subscription and the domain is with GoDaddy, this service is free.

How much does an own domain for Outlook.com cost?

You need Outlook.com Premium through a Microsoft 365 subscription.

What restrictions are there?

There are two restrictions that come with the free offer: On the one hand, only one domain from GoDaddy can be added per Microsoft account. On the other hand, only one alias can be created per Microsoft account per domain. If you need more configuration options and freedom, you should look at Exchange Online or Microsoft 365 Apps for Business view.

After setting it up through GoDaddy, I don't see anything in Outlook.com.

After successful authentication with GoDaddy and configuration by the wizard, it is recommended that you Waiting time of 15 minutes. The settings were then also recognized and adopted by Outlook.com.

Who can I contact if errors occur?

In addition to a direct Microsoft Help the Outlook.com support team will be happy to answer your questions. This can be viewed by clicking on the "Free" icon at the top right of the web interface. Experience has shown that they can also offer effective help with technical problems with a short response time.

46 responses to "Instructions: Outlook.com with your own domain”

  1. Sebastian Avatar

    Hi Lennart,

    Thank you very much for your instructions. I am currently preparing to move my domains to GoDaddy and have two questions:
    1. does the service support multiple Exchange accounts (I have added another account in "my family"), i.e. two separate Exchange mailboxes?
    2. are aliases supported for these mailboxes?
    3. at GoDaddy, DNSSEC is a paid premium service? There are DNS providers such as Cloudflare with free DNSSEC. Does this still work with the configuration if the domain is with GoDaddy but the zone is with another provider such as Cloudflare?

    Exciting questions. I do this mainly to save costs for hosting / Exchange. I have Office 365 University with the corresponding premium features for Outlook.com.

    Thank you and best regards

    1. Lennart Wörmer Avatar

      Hi Sebastian, please excuse my delayed reply.

      To your first question: Yes, this is possible as a family. As far as I know, the same rules apply here as already then applied.

      Regarding your second question: No, you can only use the (respective) individual alias that you select during setup. In the Microsoft account you can (currently) only select @outlook.com and @outlook.de (but not your own domain) for a new alias.

      Unfortunately, I can't answer your third question. If I were you, I would either contact Outlook.com support via the question mark in the top right-hand corner of the web interface or try it out myself.

      Feel free to tell us about your experiences. That would interest me at least.

  2. Holymojito1237 Avatar

    My Go-Daddy domain is not being verified successfully. What can I do?

    1. Lennart Wörmer Avatar

      I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems with the setup. If you just purchased/configured your GoDaddy domain a few hours ago, you may need to wait a few hours for the verification to go through successfully. Otherwise, I can recommend that you contact Outlook.com support. You can find it by clicking on the question mark at the top right of the web interface. At the time of my configuration, a problem also arose which was quickly and competently resolved by the technical side.

  3. Sebastian Avatar

    Hi Lennart,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    to 1) I have since found out in the following article that the invitation does not work via the family feature of Office 365, but must be done separately via the Outlook.com Premium Dashboard as soon as you have created your first account there. https://www.itprotoday.com/office-365/hands-inviting-others-use-your-outlookcom-premium-e-mail-service
    2) This is actually a showstopper for me. I have at least one alias that is used extremely frequently. So account mail address +1 alias would be the minimum for me.
    3) I assume that the zone is reconfigured when the account is set up via Outlook.com so that the MX record points to Microsoft / Outlook.com. If you then set up the zone exactly the same way elsewhere, it should still work. I don't know what validation other than that of the zone / MX records should take place between GoDaddy and Microsoft.

    In the meantime, I have decided to use the Premium DNS feature from GoDaddy. I want to use DNSSEC so that nobody can manipulate my zone (e.g. the MX record). However, at least 1st and 2nd level support from them had extreme difficulties understanding what this is 🙁.
    So far, I have bought the Premium DNS feature for 5 years, but I have not yet been able to activate DNSSEC. DENIC has been supporting DNSSEC for a long time. Another problem with GoDaddy: Let's Enrypt is only available manually. With OVH I only had to activate a switch.

    So my odyssey is not over yet...

    1. Lennart Wörmer Avatar

      Hello Sebastian,

      First of all, thank you for your valuable contribution to this topic, which will certainly also help our fellow human beings.

      As far as I know, the Outlook.com Premium Dashboard has been completely migrated to the Outlook.com interface. If you log in via the Premium page log in, you will also be notified of this. Here you can also find more information on the topic. For example, the following is written here about sharing the domain via the Office 365 plan and possible aliases:

      If you have an Office 365 Home subscription, people you've shared the subscription with can also set up a personalized email address with your connected domain. After you've set up your domain, people you've shared with will see an option to add a personalized email address.

      I look forward to hearing about your further experiences!

  4. Kerko Avatar

    Hi, does only the domain have to be with GoDaddy or the whole hosting? If I change the nameservers on my GoDaddy domain, I can no longer change the DNS records and Outlook.com says that the domain is not managed by GoDaddy.

    1. Lennart Wörmer Avatar

      Hello Kerko,

      To use Outlook.com with your own domain, only the domain needs to be hosted by GoDaddy. Hosting can take place with another provider. This is how I personally use it.

      You may want to try successfully setting up the Hosting↔Domain connection first and then connecting Outlook↔Domain to Outlook.com using the wizard.

  5. Michael Mrak Avatar
    Michael Mrak

    Dear Lennart,

    Since you know your way around the jungle with Godaddy and Microsoft quite publicly, may I ask you a question?

    I have Office 365 Home and a total of 4 people (my family) use this license - currently with 4 outlook.com mail addresses. But I also have my own domain mrak.at, currently I use this domain to provide my family members with this individual domain for e-mail addresses on Google Suite.

    Can I use my Office 365 Home for myself and my 4 family members and can I use 4 mrak.at mail addresses for each family member instead of the outlook.com mail addresses? Can each of the 4 users then add the mrak.at mail address themselves? Or can I do that?

    Basically, I think I have everything set up so far: Mrak.at is set up on Godaddy, but of course the MX records from Google are still entered there. But before I take the ultimate step, I would like to know whether the scenario I have described would work in principle?

    Many thanks for your efforts
    Kind regards from Austria

    1. Lennart Wörmer Avatar

      Dear Michael,

      Thank you for your inquiry. In my opinion, this is exactly the scenario that can be implemented with Outlook.com Premium (through your Office 365 subscription). Unfortunately, I have not yet tried adding multiple (personal) aliases for a domain through the constellation with family members, but I believe that your approach is correct and it should work that way.

      The setup via GoDaddy works as described in this article. Each family member should then be able to create their own alias.

      I would be delighted if you would report on your experiences and your next steps.

      Best regards

  6. F Avatar

    I am currently struggling with the fact that I only want to use the Outlook web interface and spam filter. But otherwise I want to receive and send my emails with "my" domain. - And I want to stay with my hoster
    Apparently this does not work with Outlook?
    - as a synchronized account, the mails are fetched and I could (presumably) also send them - but the spam filter does not seem to work
    - if I forward the mails, ALL mails end up in spam

    Am I making a mistake or is it just not possible with Outlook?
    In that case, I'll go back to Gmail, where it all works without any problems 🙁

    1. Lennart Wörmer Avatar

      If you want to use your domain with Outlook.com, then you must also have your emails handled via Outlook.com. Of course, you can still work with forwarding, but this is not a nice solution. The spam filter should also work for emails that are sent to your own domain that you have linked to Outlook.com. At least it works fine for me.

  7. Almir Avatar

    hi guys my username that i created on godaddy does not recognize it office 365
    what should I do

    1. Lennart Wörmer Avatar

      Hello Almir,

      Thank you for your request. Are you unable to log in to GoDaddy from Outlook.com as part of the setup wizard or what exactly is the problem? Have you gone through the instructions above?

  8. Billy Avatar

    It's a shame that Microsoft imposes such major restrictions. It's just about feasible for single households and mini-families who want to get involved with GoDaddy.

    So in my eyes, GSuite remains ahead. Which is also offered as a one-off purchase on the Internet via the legacy version.

    I have completely said goodbye to Horde/Roundcube & Co., either Outlook WebApp or GMail from the GSuite - both can then also be synchronized with Outlook via ActiveSync/Exchange 🙂

    1. Lennart Wörmer Avatar

      Otherwise, you still have the option of buying an Exchange Online plan 😉.

  9. Frank Avatar

    I transferred my domain to GoDaddy on 30.12.19, the DNS settings at GoDaddy are correct, according to GoDaddy support everything is set correctly and the problem should not be there.
    Nevertheless, Outlook shows me under "Add your existing GoDaddy domains" that the domain is supposedly not managed by GoDaddy.
    The Outlook mail support from the web application is slow and recently requested a screenshot of the message despite a detailed description. This has now been escalated and Microsoft wanted to call me. That was also 4 days ago. As a result, I have now been unreachable on my old email address for almost 2 weeks and I now have to switch everything to an outlook.de address.
    I can't get an answer from the Microsoft community either.
    What else can I do?

    1. Lennart Wörmer Avatar

      Good morning Frank,

      Thank you for your detailed description of the problem. If I were you, I would follow up again by email. If you don't make any progress within the next few days, please contact me directly. Contact me via my contact form (initially only with reference to this comment).

      1. Frank Avatar

        Hello again,

        Thank you for the offer.
        After Microsoft stopped responding, I contacted Godaddy support again by phone.
        They completely deleted and reset the DNS entries for my domain as a test, even though the entries were correct. A few minutes later it worked.

  10. Simon Avatar

    For a few days now, the option has completely disappeared for me. I was able to set it up with my own domain a few weeks ago and it still works, but the "Personalized email address" option is suddenly completely missing in the settings. This means that I can no longer make any changes to it.

    1. Lennart Wörmer Avatar

      Hello Simon,

      I have just had a look at my own site and noticed exactly the same phenomenon: The item "Personalized e-mail address" is also completely missing for me. Unfortunately, I don't have any further information. Therefore, I can only advise you to contact Outlook.com support at the moment. If no solution has been found by March 10, please send me a message via the contact form as soon as possible so that I can address the issue directly with Microsoft in the USA.

      1. Simon Avatar

        I have already contacted support and provided a few screenshots and a log on request. According to the support team, the whole thing will now be passed on to the "research department" 🙂.
        Let's see what comes of it.
        But it's good to know that it's not just me.

        1. Lennart Wörmer Avatar

          Hello Simon,

          Thank you very much for the status update. Please keep me (and the readers) up to date. If you are unable to solve the problem, my offer still stands.

          1. Simon Avatar

            Thank you for your offer.
            The settings are back this morning. Strange thing 🙂

  11. Marko Avatar

    I have the same problem! The menu item "Personalized e-mail address" is missing!
    Should I send an e-mail to support or is there another idea?

    1. Lennart Wörmer Avatar

      Hello Marko,

      If I were you, I would also (additionally) contact Outlook.com support so that the relevance of the problem becomes clear on their side. You are also welcome to get back to me about how things are going for you.

      I would also like to make you the offer that you can send me a message via the contact form if the problem has not been resolved by March 10. I can then speak directly to the responsible developers at Microsoft in the USA.

  12. Old Swede Avatar
    Old Swede

    Does anyone know whether the restriction regarding Godaddy as a domain provider will also apply to the future Microsoft 365 Family subscription?

    1. Lennart Wörmer Avatar

      Hello old Swede, unfortunately at least I can't answer your question, but my guess is that the current regulation will be retained.

  13. Fisherman Michael Avatar
    Fisherman Michael


    Thank you for the instructions. It worked perfectly with all 4 family members.

    However, I would now like to use Outlook as an app on the end devices and send emails there by default via the personalized email. However, the Outlook address always appears as the default sender. Can I change this somewhere?

    So I'm really interested in the Outlook app. I have already found the corresponding setting in the online interface.

    Many thanks and best regards,
    M. Fischer

    1. Lennart Wörmer Avatar

      Hello Michael, thank you for your message. Your plan may work if you log into the Outlook app on your smartphone or tablet directly with your personalized email address. In any case, I look forward to hearing back from you!

  14. Jan Avatar

    Do you have ONLY the 4 entries as shown above in the DNS administration?
    In my case there are these 4 but also many more, I suspect this is the reason why it doesn't work for me.

    1. Armin Avatar

      Only the MX is relevant for mail reception, but SPF has also changed in the meantime (to "v=spf1 include:spf.protection.outlook.com -all";)

      1. Lennart Wörmer Avatar

        Thank you very much for your feedback, Armin! I have also adjusted the SPF in the table of the article 🙂

  15. Stephan Avatar

    Hello Lennart,

    great article, very helpful! I have one more question, as I'm currently considering whether I can use / set up Microsoft 365 Family the way I want to. I would like to use different domains for us family members. This is because the 4 of us each have our own domains. Is it possible to use 4 different domains for the email addresses?

    Best regards,

    1. Lennart Wörmer Avatar

      Hello Stephan,

      Thank you for your positive feedback! As far as I understand you, you would like to use a separate domain for each Microsoft account. This is basically possible without any problems as long as each Microsoft account is assigned to an Office 365 license and thus contains the Premium features. However, whether only one domain or several domains can be used per family constellation is a question that I unfortunately cannot answer. The best thing to do here is to contact Microsoft Support.

      If you find out anything, I would be delighted to hear from you in any case!

  16. Mattia's avatar

    Hello Lennart,

    I have a Microsoft 365 Family subscription. We need all 6 possible Accents. (2 adults, 4 children).
    So far I have my domain with Strato and provide my family and those of my 2 brothers with e-mail addresses there. But they don't have and don't want a Microsoft Premium account.
    If I move to GoDaddy now, can I still create e-mail addresses for my brothers' families (same domain name) and also run my family on Microsoft Premium?


    1. Lennart Wörmer Avatar

      Hello Mattias, unfortunately this does not work from my point of view.

    2. Julian Avatar


      Thank you for the description.
      I also created a personalized mail address and was able to successfully connect it to Outlook.com.

      Today I tried to connect it to the Outlook desktop version. Unfortunately it did not work. When I logged in using the "via Outlook.com/Hotmail" button, my personalized e-mail address could not be transferred. My calendar data was also not transferred. Microsoft support was very helpful, but could not solve the problem either.

      Can the personalized e-mail address only be used via the Outlook website?

      To successfully set up a personalized mail address, do you have to create an Outlook.de / com. Address beforehand or is it possible without?

      I have not set up an Outlook.de/ .com mail address beforehand. Is this perhaps the error? In Outlook only a cryptic mail address appears: "outlock_51818blq61n8.....@outlock.de which neither sends nor receives mails.

      I would like to thank you in advance for your help.


      1. Lennart Wörmer Avatar

        Hi Mattias, Microsoft currently recommends using a Microsoft address (@outlook.de, @outlook.com, others) as the primary alias for your Microsoft account and thus for use to sign in to Outlook (desktop) or to integrate the mailbox. After integration, all aliases should be available to you; in my experience, however, this works a little more reliably via the mobile Outlook apps and the web interface than via the desktop Outlook.

  17. Guest Avatar


    None of this has worked properly for years! Watch out! MS should not be willing to fix this! Problems:
    If you have hosted your domain at godaddy and the primary alias (and no other) at the MS account, e.g. maxmuster@meinedomain.com everything works with the emails, but if you invite someone to an appointment, it is sent from an outlook.com address with an arbitrary ID. The other person cannot reply.
    Is completely unusable for appointments and, as I said, ms has not fixed it for years.

    Is described very precisely here:

  18. Guest Avatar


    It also usually does not work to log in to the account via the exchange protocol with "outlook for windows" (desktop program) if you have set a different primary alias than MS's own alias (e.g. not @outlook.com).

    Sending an email via outlook for windows from a non MS email address does not work at all - only possible via outlook web. Also not via a connected account email address via a foreign SMTP.

    I don't think Microsoft wants to fix this. Furthermore, the function to pick up an external email account or to send via its smtp has been completely removed (only existing connected accounts are still available)

    Unfortunately, this is the case.


    1. Lennart Wörmer Avatar

      Good morning and thank you for your feedback. I can offer you to send me a quick message via my contact form. Then I can connect you with specific Microsoft employees to analyze the problem in more detail.

  19. Timo Avatar

    Hi everyone,
    everything works perfectly. Unfortunately, I can't send calendar invitations with the godaddy domain. Does anyone have any ideas?

  20. Dominik Avatar

    Hello everyone,

    I, too, had imagined it all so beautifully, having already moved domains to godaddy, and now I have just realized with great horror that I can only integrate a single alias (i.e. the part before the @ sign) from my moved domain into the Outlook online mailbox... in other words, only a single e-mail address.

    That really is a showstopper. Man, man, man.... now I have to think of something...

  21. Kaddy Avatar

    Hello Lennart,

    Great instructions! I'll think about setting it up like this. But one important question first:

    For this project, I need to have Outlook Premium (included in M365 Single). I have that - but I already have an @outlook.de mail address with that account, which I really use. If I now integrate my domain (via GoDaddy) via THIS account in the Outlook Premium settings - is the email address that I then generate there (e.g. hallo@beispielfirma.de) then just another alias of my primary @outlook.de address (to which my Microsoft Koto belongs)? In other words, will mails from both mail addresses be sent to the mailbox of the @outlook.de address?

    I have already tried to add my domain mail address (not yet with GoDaddy) as an alias to a Microsoft account. Then of course I selected the sender address etc... Problem: It was not possible to send an e-mail to the alias and when sending it, it always contained this cryptic sender address and "on behalf of"...

    So my specific question is: Can I work around this with this GoDaddy solution? Can I then use the 2 mail addresses separately/in Outlook (desktop version)? Or will everything go into one mailbox and it will always be sent "on behalf of"?

    Or am I totally on the wrong track and thinking the wrong way?

    Thank you and vG, Kaddy

  22. Kühnlenz, Robert Avatar
    Kühnlenz, Robert

    can it be that Microsoft has removed the options, although this feature will not be discontinued until 23.11.2023?

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