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Portal for all Microsoft Insider programs

Windows Insider Program Logo

Microsoft operates a so-called Insider Program for a large number of products and services - an opportunity for interested users to gain early access to new functions and provide targeted feedback. In the last few months Continuous expansion of the Insider programs from Microsoft: At the end of last year, they announced the Microsoft Edge Insider Program and then at E3 2019 the Equivalent for the new Microsoft Flight Simulatorwhich is due to be published next year.

Due to the high number of different Insider programs, Microsoft has now decided to introduce a Portal for an overview of all Insider programs to create. Click here to go to the new website:

However, in contrast to the statement in Scott Hanselmann's tweet, which drew the community's attention to the website, this one not all insider programs listed.

For example, the aforementioned insider program for the Microsoft Flight Simulator - a particularly important program for me as an aviation enthusiast, in order to be able to further develop the new simulator in the best possible way together with the community. For this reason and at the same time, I have updated my article on the Insider programs.

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