Announcement: Microsoft Edge Insider Program

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Microsoft is expanding its Insider programs and announces the Microsoft Edge Insider Program on! Participants receive a exclusive, early access to new versions of the Internet browser and can be accessed not only via Influencing developmentbut also provide valuable feedback to Microsoft. This development is attributable to the Radical redesign of Microsoft Edge which has been given a new foundation with the Chromium engine.

With the redesign of Microsoft Edge - the replacement of the engine, i.e. the central element of every Internet browser - Microsoft has landed a surprise coup: In future Building Microsoft's browser on the Chromium enginewhich also powers Google Chrome. This promises not only an improved overall experience, but also increased compatibility for all homepages as well as better battery life and hardware integration. At the same time, a Decoupling the current strong link to the operating system takes place. This is what makes the Microsoft Edge Insider Program possible.

You can now register for the Insider Program:

Microsoft is thus A new era for your own Internet browser but with this step is only following the previous opening of the company and the Focus on open source. However, the company sees itself not only as a silent consumer of open source projects, but also actively helps with the further development of various technologies and products. For example, Microsoft wants to improve accessibility and focus the Chromium engine more on touch operation - a discipline in which Microsoft Edge has so far been the lone leader.

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