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The Plantui Smart Garden is a nearly autake system that grows your plants in optimal conditions – paired with award-winning design. The amazing plant growth is not only ensured by selected nutrients, materials and automatic watering cycles, but also by the plant light.

Each smart indoor garden from the Finnish manufacturer comes with a light unit that provides your plants with bright light from above. An automatic system for the perfect dosage of light is also included.

In addition to the light unit Plantui offers two different light height blocks, which can be used instead of or in addition to the regular height blocks:

Like the regular height blocks, the light blocks are compatible with both Plantui Smart Garden 3 and Plantui Smart Garden 6. You can also combine them – especially with large plants to increase growth in the lower part of the plant, where the light from the light unit may not get through due to numerous leaves.

Boosting Light Block

The boosting light block is the first choice for two application purposes:

  • You want to accelerate the growth rate of your plants (e.g. lettuces or spices).
  • You are growing large plants (e.g. chilis or tomatoes) and their numerous leaves reduce the light from the light unit to reach the lower parts of the plant.

If you have a boosting light block, then you should use it throughout the life cycle of your plants. Especially recommended the use of this particular height module as the first height block, where it usually remains.

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Plantui Boosting Light Block

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Plantui Blooming Light Block

Blooming Light Block

The blooming light block is specially designed for the promotion of flower development. So you use it whenever you grow plants that bear fruit. Particularly worth mentioning here are chilies and tomatoes. But this height module is also suitable for the wide range of edible flowers.

Place the blooming light block at the height of the flowers (usually high up) to optimize the flowering time and stimulate flower formation.

Use Plantui’s light height blocks in a variety of ways. You can find a few examples and impressions in my following gallery:

Questions & Answers

What is the difference between the Plantui Boosting and Blooming Light Block?

The blooming light block was developed by Plantui for stimulating flower formation as well as optimizing flowering. The boosting light block, on the other hand, has the purpose of promoting overall plant growth – especially for the lower areas of plants when they grow large and overshadow the light of the light unit.

When should I use the Plantui Boosting Light Block?

The Plantui boosting light block should be used when large plants are growing in your Plantui Smart Garden. Then boosting light blocks can give the necessary light to the plants also in the lower parts of your smart indoor garden. Overall, a boosting light block boosts the growth of plants. This accessory is especially recommended for chilies and tomatoes, but also for rosemary and sage.

When should I use the Plantui Blooming Light Block?

The blooming light block is suitable for optimal flowering. Edible flowers bloom more splendidly and plants like chilies and tomatoes get more flowers and more fruits, which increases your harvest. Therefore, place the blooming light block where you want to promote flower growth (usually relatively high up).

How many height blocks can I use in a Plantui Smart Garden?

You can use maximum 5 height blocks in total. Maximum 2 of them can be light blocks, such as the Boosting Light Block and the Blooming Height Block.

Plantui Boosting / Blooming Light Block
Plantui Smart Garden Boosting Blooming Height Block Titelbild

The additional light blocks from Plantui are a useful and perfectly integrated extension that every gardener will appreciate. By using the boosting light block you optimize plant growth, especially for large plants. The blooming light block significantly increases your harvest (e.g. of chilies and tomatoes) and improves the blooming of edible flowers.

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