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Technology Night 2018 Speaker Winner
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My name is Lennart Wörmer. I was born in Hamburg (Germany) - one of the most beautiful cities in the world, characterized by a high quality of life, lots of green spaces and plenty of water.

On my website I primarily deal with three topics.


Microsoft technologies run through my professional career: Already during my bachelor studies at the FHDW (but also afterwards) I was involved around innovative Microsoft topics and was awarded, among others, the Microsoft MVP status. Currently I work at Cluster Dynamics Reply (a Reply Group company) and I am responsible for the Microsoft Power Platform business.


Here I seem to have kerosene in my blood, because aviation fascinates me like hardly any other branch. Innovative ability with simultaneous professionalization and structuring, but at the same time also the freedoms and inspire me.

Smart Gardening

In addition to my professional life, there must also be time for hobbies, and so, in addition to aviation and aerospace, I am also intensively involved in sustainable and future-oriented cultivation systems, which can be found under the keywords "smart gardening" and "urban gardening". Here, exciting concepts are developing on how to make cities greener, bring people together and combine the fascination for technology with nature.

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Do you have questions about my resume, the events or just the need to exchange some thoughts? Don't hesitate and contact me either in German or English.

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