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Review: Plantui Smart Garden Microgreens Tray

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Microgreens are the new superfood and a Plantui Smart Garden is a great way to grow them. The combination of innovation, technology and healthy nutrition fascinate me and so I have tried the Microgreens Tray for the Plantui Smart Garden - and am more than thrilled by the simplicity of cultivation! Pioneering company Plantui from Finland believes that everyone deserves a garden. Here is my complete and honest review.

Plantui Smart Gardens

Smart and urban gardening is a major trend these days. And as environmental acting becomes increasingly critical, healthy and sustainable food becomes more important than ever. Plantui is a Finnish company specialized in smart gardening. They offer a wide range of different smart garden products. You can read my review of the smart gardens here.

All variations of Plantui Smart Gardens are based on two models:

  • Plantui Smart Garden 3 for three plants
  • Plantui Smart Garden 6 for six plants or microgreens

The Microgreens Tray is an an additional tray for the Plantui Smart Garden 6 which you can buy as an accessory:

Microgreens Tray

With the microgreens tray for your Plantui Smart Garden 6, the Finnish manufacturer adds the new superfood to its range: microgreens are all the rage - because they not only taste good, but are also healthy and super easy to grow. Sounds good?

With the Microgreens Tray you can grow sprouts in your existing Plantui indoor garden - without soil, without dirt, without much effort. This is how you turn your Plantui Smart Garden 6 indoor garden into a microgreens factory - fresh superfood anytime!

The Microgreens tray is divided into four sections within which you can sow the various seeds. The transparent lids included in the package of the Microgreen tray are used to cover the sown area in the first days.

A few more notes about the Plantui Microgreens Tray: You can insert a height module into the device directly after sowing. Due to the optimized growth, microgreens are ready for harvesting after 7-14 days (depending on the variety). Harvesting is done by cutting the microgreens about 1cm from the bottom of the tray, for example with these herb scissors. So leave the roots and the lowest part of the stem. It is not necessary to wash the whole unit after each growing cycle or even change the water.

Advantages of Microgreens

Microgreens bring numerous advantages:

  • With the Microgreens tray, you can enjoy your delicious superfood right from 7 days after sowing.
  • Microgreens carry within them concentrated energy that the plant needs to grow big. The proportion of vital substances in the small plants is therefore many times higher than in the same amount of fully grown vegetables.
  • The new superfood is rich in vitamin C (immune system), vitamin B (nerves) and vitamin A (skin and eyes).
  • Numerous minerals such as calcium (bones) and iron (blood formation) as well as zinc (anti-inflammatory) are also present in large concentrations in the small plants.
  • Similar to home-grown sprouts, microgreens are therefore healthier than average and rich in nutrients - a real superfood!

Favorite Microgeens

Plantui carries a wide segment of microgreens. For example, you'll find mild broccoli, exotic pol choy, spicy radish or peppy arugula. However, I have bought other microgreens outside the range - in Germany, this works great in the Microgreen Shop. When buying, make sure that the microgreens can also be grown in the cress screen and do not require soil. I look forward to reading about your experiences!

Best Recipes

Microgreens can be used in many ways - as decoration or as a salad, as a snack or as a valuable component of a meal. I find the idea of having found a vitamin-rich snack and as an alternative to unhealthy fast food particularly attractive, because especially in the home office and/or under a heavy workload, one sometimes does reach for unhealthy snacks. That's over now!

Let's face it, you can't replace a whole meal with microgreens. But you can enhance your meals, make them healthier, decorate them. They make stylish additions to regular recipes.

Grow Grow Nut Recipe Burger 01 Square

Healthy Burgers

Didn't I just talk about how we want to stop eating fast food? Indeed! But burgers can also be made very healthy if you use a vegetarian patty (with healthy broccoli, for example) and add microgreens as a superfood. Experience crisp and fresh, healthy and fancy burgers. My favorite for burgers is broccoli.

A delicious burger also includes lettuce, tomato, onion, cheddar cheese and a tasty sauce.

Variety Salad

Microgreens and salad - a real match! Because you can use microgreens not only to enrich and multiply your salad. You can also put together microgreens salad. I especially recommend pok choy and rocket salad for this, but other microgreens are also great.

My favorite way to prepare my salads is with microgreens, iceberg lettuce, avocado, feta cheese and balsamic dressing.

Grow Grow Nut Recipe Salad 01 Square
Grow Grow Nut Recipe Lasagne 01 Square

Colorful Lasagna

Lasange is a food (similar to pizza), which probably few can resist. In many Italian dishes, microgreens can be wonderfully used as decoration or as a supplement to processed vegetables. In lasagna and pizza, rocket salad is particularly suitable for decorating and refining, in casseroles I like to use radish to make them even more peppy in taste.

Exotic curry

Isn't a good curry insanely delicious? Yes. But with microgreens it becomes even tastier, crunchier and gives the last (fresh) kick! In a delicious curry, of course, curry paste, basmati rice, lentil balls, potatoes, carrots and broccoli belong - both as full-grown vegetables and as microgreens.

It's important that you sprinkle the broccoli (microgreens) over the curry only at the end, so it stays super crunchy. On the other hand, you can use other more robust microgreens like peas in the curry.

Grow Grow Nut Recipe Curry 01 Square

Also feel free to check out my article written in German on growing microgreens the conventional way.

Questions & Answers

In which Plantui Smart Gardens can I grow microgreens?

The Plantui Smart Garden 6 is suitable for growing microgreens in it. You might need to purchase an additional Microgreens Tray if you haven't already. If you own a Plantui Smart Garden 6 of the first generations, you may still need to buy a new water tray.

How can I grow microgreens in a Plantui Smart Garden?

It's very easy. With the Microgreens Tray, you can use your Plantui Smart Garden 6 to grow microgreens.

How long do microgreens need to grow?

They need about 7-10 days to grow. Seed on Monday, eat on Sunday. Read my review to find out more.

Plantui Microgreens Tray
Plantui Smart Garden Microgreens Tray Review Cover picture

With the Microgreens Tray, I eat healthier than ever before: with just a few simple steps, I equip my Plantui Smart Garden 6 with the modular tray and turn it into a microgreens factory. Whether it's broccoli, peas, arugula or my very own microgreens - nutrient-rich food has never been so close and fresh: Grow, harvest, eat.

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