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Microgreens - Grow Superfood in Plantui Smart Garden

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Microgreens are the new superfood! They are not only trendy, but also really exceptionally healthy and delicious. You can enjoy microgreens with numerous dishes, such as in salads, with pasta and lasagna, as a topping for bread or as an addition to healthy smoothies.

The Finnish smart garden manufacturer Plantui has also picked up on the trend and is revolutionizing the cultivation of microgreens - completely without soil and peat, correspondingly clean and effortless. For this purpose, you use the Plantui Smart Garden 6 together with the separately available microgreens tray. Microgreens grow in 7-14 days (depending on the variety) and can - thanks to the rapid growth - be consumed promptly.

How to Grow Microgreens in Plantui Smart Garden

These instructions and the following impressions show the cultivation of microgreens in a Plantui Smart Garden 6 in combination with the optionally available microgreens tray. The cultivation works without soil and purely through hydroponic functions of the smart indoor garden.

Total Time: 7 days

Microgreens Tray - 4 Plants in 1 Tray

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The microgreens tray (have a look at my review) is divided into four sections within which you can plant up to four different Microgreens varieties. For starters, I recommend you use the selected seeds directly from Plantui - high growth rates, impeccable quality and the right dosage make a difference.

The transparent lids (plastic covers) included in the package are used to cover the sown area in the first days. This creates a climate in which the microgreens germinate particularly well and take their first steps. After successful germination and the first small leaves, you can remove the transparent covers.

According to the official recommendation, you already insert the first height module directly after sowing - in contrast to the cultivation of regular plants. This affects the automatic watering (more frequent watering). This way you ensure that your microgreens grow continuously and under optimal conditions.

Mirogreens Selection

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The microgreens by Plantui range includes five different varieties: broccoli, red cabbage, pok choi, radish and arugula (rocket salad). One microgreen pack contains four bags, so you can fill all four sections of the microgreens insert. I personally love broccoli because you can use it in so many ways: It's not too spicy, yet it has a definite flavor. I especially like it as a side dish, decoration and enhancement of Italian food, but it's also good as an addition to a slice of bread.

Experimenting with new and proprietary plant varieties is in Plantui's DNA. So try your own seeds and discover new, more worlds of microgreens! There is much to discover, because microgreens are incredibly versatile, healthy, look great and grow fast.

Harvest and Enjoy 🌱

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After 7-14 days, your microgreens are ready for harvest! Harvesting is done by cutting the microgreens about 1cm from the bottom of the bowl. Both stems and leaves are edible. Leave the roots and the lowest part of the stem.

For the most elegant way of presentation, you can remove the microgreens tray (each with two compartments for microgreens) and place it on the inverted cover. This will collect the water. This way you can present and use the microgreens directly at the table, at your bar or at the place of your choice. If you can't impress your friends with this... Enjoy your meal, smoothie or creative use!

Clean your Plantui

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After your successful harvest, I recommend that you wash your microgreens tray before planting new microgreens. Remove all remnants of the roots. Once this is done, you can start the next cultivation process.

It is not necessary to wash the entire unit after each growing cycle or even change the water.


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Also have a look at my review of the Plantui Microgreens Tray:

Questions & Answers

Can I grow microgreens in a smart garden?

This depends on the specific model. With regard to Plantui, the Plantui Smart Garden 6 offers you the possibility to grow microgreens. For this you need a special microgreens tray.

Which microgreens are good for smart gardens?

A Plantui Smart Garden is a hydroponic system. You can basically grow all microgreens in it that you can also grow in a regular sprout screen or sprout jar. Broccoli, arugula (rocket salad) and pok choy are especially popular.

Is it complicated to grow microgreens in a smart garden?

The cultivation of microgreens is playfully easy. Plant seeds, add water and nutrients, and enjoy the growth! Note, however, that not every Smart Garden is compatible with microgreens. A special microgreens tray is available for the Plantui Smart Garden 6.

Can I grow microgreens in Plantui Smart Garden 3?

You can only grow microgreens in the large unit, the Plantui Smart Garden 6. This offers you enough space to grow four varieties at the same time.

What accessories do I need to grow microgreens in the Plantui Smart Garden 6?

For the cultivation of microgreens you need a microgreens tray for the Plantui Smart Garden 6. With the accessory you can grow four microgreens varieties at the same time.

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