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Plantui Smart Garden test & experience - Indoor garden

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Indoor Gardening is becoming a major trend and the popularity of urbanization is undisputed. The world's population is growing and at the same time the available living space is shrinking. Healthy diet is more important than ever - at best organic, ecological and environmentally friendly. Hydroponics is one way to achieve the goals. The pioneering company Plantui from Finland believes that everyone deserves a garden. To this end, they have developed an innovative and intelligent indoor garden that is equipped with numerous functions. As a person who is open to new technologies and innovations, I bought an indoor garden. And I was so positively surprised that I bought a second and then a third Plantui Smart Garden just a few weeks later. I have shared my experiences in this complete and honest experience report brought together.

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Indoor gardens from Plantui

Plantui is a Finnish companywhich specializes in intelligent gardening. The company offers a broad portfolio of indoor gardens. All product variants are based on two basic models: The Plantui Smart Garden 3 for three plants and the Plantui Smart Garden 6 for six plants are available in white, gray and red. There are also numerous accessories. However, let's first take a look at all Plantui indoor gardens:

What is included in the scope of delivery of a Plantui Smart Garden? And which version should I choose?

What is included in the scope of delivery?

Each indoor garden from Plantui consists of the following parts:
- Plantui Smart Garden (selected version)
- Plants and nutrients (depending on the version selected)
- Two regular height modules
- Power cable
- Operating instructions

What are the differences between the Plantui Smart Garden 3 and Plantui Smart Garden 6?

The main differences are the possible number of plants and the capacity of the water tray. The Plantui Smart Garden 3 can hold three plants. The Plantui Smart Garden 6 can hold six plants, 12 plants with the booster insert or microgreens (divided into four sections) with the microgreens insert.

Capacity: 3 plants / 6 plants
Water reservoir: 1 liter / 3 liters
Weight: 1.36 kg / 2.45 kg
Diameter: 19 cm / 29 cm (35 cm with handles)
Height: 24 cm / 21 cm

Which Plantui Smart Garden should I choose?

Plantui offers two basic models of its intelligent indoor gardens - the Plantui Smart Garden 3 and Plantui Smart Garden 6. The main difference lies in the size of the appliances and the available accessories. Both devices are suitable for growing herbs, salads, tomatoes, chilies and edible flowers. The Plantui Smart Garden 3 is an excellent choice if you don't have a lot of space or don't want to grow many herbs and lettuces. The large version, the Plantui Smart Garden 6, offers you more extensive options, e.g. for the Growing healthy microgreens or to the Advance through the use of boosters

See the indoor gardens beautiful don't they? And they do in reality too! This is proven by some photos I took myself. Take a look at some of my plants in my intelligent gardens:

Hydroponics: No soil, just water and nutrients

The indoor gardens from Plantui are based on a hydroponic system. Hydroponics is a method of Growing plants in a nutrient-rich water-based solution. This has numerous advantages, as I have found out:

  • The Roots of the plants are in the direct contact with the nutrient solution and at the same time have access to oxygen, both of which are essential for good plant growth.
  • Plants can grow significantly faster and produce more harvest than the same plants that grow in soil.
  • Possible Infestation by pests or insects is preventedas no soil is used as a growing medium.

Plantui offers Nutrients for purchase. You should mix these in lukewarm tap water so that they are completely dissolved in the water. Here are a few useful tips:

  • Each pack of Plant capsules are supplied with a pack of nutrients. This is enough for your plants, so you (usually) don't need to buy additional nutrients. Long growing plants like Chilies and tomatoes come with more nutrients.
  • You might get the idea of buying nutrients yourself. However, I recommend spending a few cents more and opting for a Experiment kit to decide, which also contains nutrients, but also empty plant capsules.

Intelligent functions

Automatic sleep timer

The LEDs in the light unit of the indoor garden are powerful. Plants need about eight hours a day without light to recover. Therefore, the first intelligent function I would like to introduce is the automatic sleep function. I recommend starting the automatic function at 23:00 so that your Plantui Smart Garden wakes up again at 07:00. This phase is in the middle of the night and is guaranteed to provide dark light.

Hold your hand for three seconds over the light unit or press the button and the light switches off (after briefly flashing twice).

Lights on/off

You can switch the light on and off manually. This has no effect on the sleep mode of the automatic sleep function. I don't use this function regularly (the light alone is very nice to look at), but it is still a practical function.

Hold your hand for one second via the light unit or press the button and the light switches on/off.

Vacation mode

Are you going on vacation? Then you can use the vacation mode to leave your Plantui Smart Garden for up to two weeks automom to work! Your plants will need less water. The lights will glow pink.

Hold your hand for ten seconds over the light unit or press the button and the light switches.

Light & water

Depending on the current growth phase of your plants your Plantui device adapts both the automatic Irrigation as well as the Light spectrum to the specific requirements. Without a height module installed, the light is purple. It changes along with the watering cycle the more height elements you add.

Low water indicator

The lights on the Plantui Smart Gardens flash automatically if there is not enough water in the water reservoir and the Water pump does not function correctly.

In any case, you should ensure that the water tray is always filled with sufficient waterso that your water pump does not become defective. It is better to check the water every few days to ensure that there is always enough water.

Cleaning mode

For the Cleaning your indoor garden you should Citric acid use. You can use the cleaning mode to clean every corner of the Smart Garden.

Hold your hand for 15 seconds via the light unit or press the button and the light switches to blue (Plantui Smart Garden 6) or green (Plantui Smart Garden 3). The water pump operates for a few minutes.

More green for urban life. Everyone deserves a garden.


Lettuce, herbs, flowers and microgreens

Plantui offers a Large selection of plants which are supplied in capsules - a Business model that reminds me of Nespresso. Simply insert a plant capsule into a Plantui Smart Garden and achieve great results. And it works just like that and amazingly simply!

Plants can be grown in various Categories be purchased:

  • Edible flowers
  • Herbs / Spices
  • Microgreens / sprouts
  • Salads
  • Selections (bundles of bestsellers)

Each pack costs between five and nine euros and contains nutrients and three plants.ncapsules that lead to three magnificent plants (see photos). Although the price seems relatively high at first glance, it is definitely worth it: the Seeds are specially selected for the Plantui Smart Garden and grows optimally. I really enjoy the process of growing my own fresh herbs and salads!

My Favorite plant capsules are Basil, Chili Medusa, Wild rocket and Mint. I particularly enjoy basil because it grows very quickly, is tasty and can be used in many different ways, e.g. for pizza, pasta, deserts and salads.

Each on Plantui.de acquired plant capsule is filled with a Growth guarantee delivered: If the seed does not germinate, you will receive free replacement. You can find more information in my FAQ section below.

Plant packs are with different colors marked, which represent the different Growing times mark:

  • 3-5 weeks - Light green
  • 5-8 weeks - Turquoise
  • 8-12 weeks - Violet
  • 12+ weeks - Black
Plantui Smart Garden Plants Capsules 02 Square

It is recommended to use plants with the same growing season. This ensures that each plant gets the right amount of light and is at the right distance from the Plantui Smart Garden light unit. I personally have the recommendation was not followed completely and my plants grew and are growing amazingly well. That may also be because I am a Booster light height module to give the plants a little more light - especially the small plants between the larger plants.

You also have the option, use your own seeds. For example, if there is a store near you where you can buy seeds, you can add them to the Experiment kit do. This includes three empty plant capsules and a packet of nutrients. I have tested it with a few plants and it has worked very well. I can especially Recommend rocket and basil. However, it is not recommended to use the plastic of already used capsules and fill them with rock woolif you want to grow your own plants. Not only do you lack the right nutrients, but also the right size and stability of the rockwool.

The best accessories

Plantui offers a large selection of useful accessories: Some are suitable for replacing or changing the color of your water bowl, others are also there to change the color of your water bowl. accelerate the growth process of the plants. I can't imagine the two highly recommend special height blocksas my plants grow faster and better as a result; all plants - both small and large - receive sufficient light.

Booster light height module

As your plants grow larger, the small plants on the ground may no longer receive optimal light (although the lighting on the Light unit is quite bright at the top). In this case, you can add the booster light height module to provide your plants with optimum light at every stage of growth. This is especially useful for Chili or other large plants. The height module also stimulates horizontal growth of the plants. Note that you can use a maximum of two light height modules and four regular height blocks.

Plantui Smart Garden Boosting Height Block 01 Square
Plantui Smart Garden Plants Overview 02 Square

Flower light height module

Do you breed Chilies or flowers? Then I recommend using the flower light height module. It provides the perfect light so that your Optimal flowering of plants. Note that you can use a maximum of two light height modules and four regular height blocks.

Booster use

With the Booster use you cultivate your favorite plants (12 plants per Plantui Smart Garden 6) before. It replaces the regular use for sehs plants.

The use of boosters is particularly worthwhile, if you have your own garden. Then you can simply use the booster insert to grow your plants in the early stages. When your plants are a few centimetres tall, simply plant them in the soil in your garden.

Plantui PreGrow Tray 04 Square
Plantui Smart Garden Accessories Experimental Kit 01 Square

Experiment kit

The experiment kit contains three empty capsules (without seeds) and a Pack of nutrients. You can use your specially selected seeds that may not be officially included in the Plantui.de Shop is available.

I recommend between three and ten seeds per empty plant capsule depending on the subsequent size of the plant. And I can only encourage you to give it a try. It's a great feeling to see your home-grown herbs, lettuces and tomatoes grow in such an uncomplicated way.

Cleaning & maintenance

Cleaning with citric acid

Cleaning your Plantui Smart Garden is really simple. There is a automatic cleaning mode as an intelligent function, as described above. It's best to read my two articles on cleaning and maintenance:

In addition to the official citric acid from Plantui, you can also use regular citric acid like this one from Amazon.de use - same effect, slightly cheaper.

Replace water

I recommend the Change the water every four weeks at the latest. to remove possible residues and carry out cleaning. If you search the internet, you will find different opinions on the subject. Some people change the water every few days, others keep it for several months. I have decided to keep the Change the water regularly (approximately every three to four weeks). This brings some Advantages with it:

  • Changing the water always provides a good opportunity to Health check of your plants. Check the color of the roots of your plants; they must be white.
  • The water exchange offers the opportunity to Cleaning the system.
  • Regularly changing the water Prevents mold and algae formation (it is important that your plants are permanently well).
  • You can maintain the water pump - accordingly this video.

Mold and algae

It is possible that mold or algae may form during use of the Plantui Smart Garden. In such a case, I recommend clean the entire system (as described above) and clean all non-electronic parts in the dishwasher. Make sure that no residues remain.

As an additional preventive measure, I recommend the use of 3%igem Hydrogen peroxide - especially in the case of mold. This is a Substance that fights mold, but not your plantsif you use the correct dose. Spray the substance directly onto the mold spots (no dilution) and mix it into the nutrient solution - at a maximum ratio of 1:20 to the regular nutrient solution.

Plantui Smart Garden App

Plantui has entered into a partnership with the German company BOSCH. BOSCH offers selected products under their own brand "SmartGrow". These products are compatible with 100% as they are only a relabeled version of the originals from Plantui.

One advantage of the cooperation is the BOSCH SmartGrow Appwhich in German and English language is available. As Plantui does not currently offer its own app, this is a excellent addition for an intelligent indoor garden from Plantui. With the app you can Simply check the growth of your plants. You will also receive valuable Information and memoriesto Change water, your Harvesting plants or new Plant capsules for purchase. The app also receives delicious recipes. All in all a Must-have. And she is free of charge!

BOSCH also offers one product to, which is not available from Plantui: This is the SmartGrow VarioTraywith which you can grow three plants and two varieties of microgreens at the same time. It is fully compatible with the Plantui Smart Garden 6.

If you think further, you can imagine receiving real-time information about the water temperature and the current lighting situation on your smartphone via the app. However, this is not part of the application and never will be with the current generation of devices, as the Plantui indoor gardens do not have integrated temperature sensors or connectivity modules such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.


Indoor gardening has never been so easy: Plantui offers a Intelligent garden for your homewith which you Always fresh herbs, salads and microgreens in your kitchen have. Intelligent functions and modes as well as a sophisticated irrigation and LED system make the Plantui Smart Garden a true marvel of technology. But also the extraordinary design is a real eye-catcher and a highlight for every visit from friends and family.

Despite the relatively high purchase price, I think it's worth buying: It's simply fun to watch the plants grow. Every day, the plants grow and flourish a few centimetres more. After a while, you actually have to go shopping less because you have all the herbs at home - and not just fresh, but also grown with love and without dirt.

Have you fallen for it too? Then expand the fold-out section and receive a small gift for your next purchase at Plantui.de!

20% discount code (voucher) for orders on Plantui.de

Are you also a big fan of Plantuis indoor gardens? Good news for you! Use my discount code and get 20% Discount on your order.

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Do you still have questions about the Plantui Smart Garden? Then please write a comment! And don't forget to check out my Photos of the fantastic plants at the end of this article to view.

Questions & Answers

Is it worth buying a Plantui Smart Garden?

Yes, it is worth buying an intelligent garden from Plantui. It it's just fun to watch the plants grow. Every day, the plants grow and develop a few centimetres more. After a while, you actually have to do less shopping because you have all your herbs at home - and not just fresh, but also grown with love and without dirt. Smart functions, intelligent modes and a sophisticated irrigation and LED system make the Plantui Smart Garden a real Marvel of technology. But the extraordinary design is also a real Eye-catcher and a highlight for every visit from friends and family.

How do I maintain my Plantui Smart Garden?

In a Video from Plantui you can find out how to look after your smart indoor gardens. In general, you should always make sure that Sufficient water and nutrients so that the plants are supplied and the water pump always has enough water available. There are also a few tips and tricks in my article above.

My seeds are not germinating.

Sometimes the seeds fall into a dormant phase - especially if they have been stored in a place that is too warm. Then they wait for winter and the following spring, and only then do they germinate. The seeds should therefore be stored in a cool and dry place, e.g. in a refrigerator.

Also check, whether the water reaches the plant capsules. This is particularly important if your Plantui Smart Garden is not standing on a flat surface.

If nothing helps, then think of the Growth guarantee from Plantui. You can contact the company contact here.

When should I add the first height module?

Sometimes the first leaves of the plants directly on the surface of the capsule. Even if the plants are so low - you should Add the first height moduleas soon as most of the plants have opened their first leaves. The small plants then grow a little faster as they reach for the light.

There will be Three different height modules offered: The regular height module and one for Fast plant growth (booster light) and for Optimal blossoms (blossom light).

How can I get rid of algae or mold?

It might happen that mold or algae occur while using the Plantui Smart Garden. In any case, I highly recommend to clean the entire system as mentioned above and including the use of the dishwasher. That makes sure that no residue remains.

It is possible that mold or algae may form when using the Plantui Smart Garden. In this case, I recommend thoroughly clean the entire systemmanually and all non-electronic parts in the Dishwasher.

As an additional preventive measure, I recommend the use of 3%igem Hydrogen peroxide - especially in the case of mold. This is a Substance that fights mold, but not your plantsif you use the correct dose. Spray the substance directly onto the mold spots (no dilution) and mix it into the nutrient solution - at a maximum ratio of 1:20 to the regular nutrient solution.

Where can I place the Plantui Smart Garden?

You can set up a Plantui Smart Garden wherever you like. The most common option is the Kitchenwhere you have direct access to fresh herbs. But I also like to have a on my desk for better light and a few snacks in between.

Another option is placement in the Bedroom: The light automatically wakes you up after eight hours of sleep.

Where is the best place to buy a Plantui Smart Garden?

I recommend the official store of Plantui.

For more answers to your questions, I recommend the Plantui website:

Plantui Smart Garden
Plantui Smart Garden Cover picture

I enjoy my Plantui Smart Garden every day. Not only is the design a real eye-catcher and the focus of many conversations. I am particularly impressed by the simple concept: insert the plant capsules, add the nutrient solution and the growth process starts - optimized in many ways, such as through intelligent lighting that adapts to the plant growth. Irrigation is also automated. Especially for urban areas, this smart garden is an excellent addition for always fresh herbs, salads, tomatoes, chilies and experiments with your own seeds.

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