Plantui Smart Garden - Maintaining the Water Pump

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Cleaning and maintaining the Plantui Smart Garden is easy and not a lot of work. Here is a tutorial on how to clean and maintain the water pump. If you treat your garden with love, it will love you back and give you a bountiful harvest.

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In my experience, the water pump is the most sensitive part of a Plantui Smart Garden. Therefore, maintaining it is very important. I recommend to maintain the water pump at least every three month or when it starts to sound different than normal or when it looses efficiency.

Total Time: 10 minutes

Detach the Device

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Detach the Plantui Smart Garden by removing the lock unit. You can leave all plants inside. Just remove the water pump (and its connected parts such as the lock unit, height modules and light unit). Remove the power supply unit as well.

Clean the Water Pump

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Detach the water pump from the lock unit. Wipe it clean. Make sure that there are no roots or other dirt blocking the water flow (which could potentially break the water pump). At the same time, check if there are extensive roots inside the water bowl and if there are, cut them back (it won't hurt your plants as they receive enough nutrients directly through the water).

Extensive Cleaning

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If there is heavy dirt or the pump isn't working correctly, then you can open it by twisting the bottom part carefully. Make sure that you don't loose the small white distance rings. Please them back exactly where they were.


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After cleaning, mount the device and connect it with the power supply unit.

Cleaning Mode

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Start the mode in which your Plantui Smart Garden runs the water pump for about two minutes. On a Plantui Smart Garden 6, hold your hand over the light unit until the light turns blue. On a Plantui Smart Garden 3, press the button until the light turns green. This way you can make sure that your water pump is working properly.


  • Plantui Smart Garden
  • Paper towel for cleaning

Questions & Answers

How can I repair the Plantui Smart Garden water pump?

You can try to fix issues with your Plantui Smart Garden water pump by detaching the indoor garden. Clean it, remove roots from plants.

The water pump makes noises. What can I do?

The water pump makes noises if there is not enough water or if the water pump is somehow broken. Try to add more water and clean the water pump, i.e. by removing roots from plants from the water pump.

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