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Test: Grow-Grow Nut for microgreens

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Would you like to grow your own vitamins at home? Ecological, organic and 100% without plastic? Then the Grow-Grow Nut maybe just the thing for you! I've taken a closer look at the coconut bowl and in this article I'll show you my impressions and experiences - paired with great photos and recipes.

Grow-Grow Nut

The Grow-Grow Nut is a coconut shell that helps you to eat healthier and at the same time the Protecting the environment. The concept behind the Grow-Grow Nut is simple: plant your own, vitamin-rich Microgreens on your windowsill and do completely without plastic - both the packaging and the product.

To plant microgreens in the grow groove, you will need Seeds also Coconut tile. This is highly compressed coconut soil that rises when it comes into contact with water - an exciting effect that is definitely worth a look. You can watch the Seeds and the Coconut tile put together your own or on Refill packs to fall back on.

To start with, I recommend a Starter kitthat not only a beautiful grow groove includes. Also three coconut bricks and three packs of delicious seeds will spoil you. You can also use the packaging of the Grow-Grow Nut to make a Lid cut out for these, so that the microgreens come into contact with less light in their first few days. This is good so that the seeds germinate faster and the plant "stretches" and thus becomes larger to reach the light.


The new superfood

The Growing microgreens is easier than you think:

  1. Use one coconut brick per grow groove, place it in your coconut tray and slowly add water until all the soil is soaked.
  2. Now use your microgreens seeds and spread them evenly over the moist coco soil.
  3. Press the seeds onto the soil again a little so that they are in a permanently moist environment.
  4. Moisten the seeds again explicitly from above, e.g. with a Pressure sprayer. Continue to do this continuously during growth.

One Detailed instructions can also be found directly on the Grow-Grow Nut homepage.

There are a number of places to buy microgreens and sprouts. Me recommend from personal experience next to the Store the Grow-Grow Nut the Microgreen-Shopwhich offers a wide selection of high-quality sprouts and microgreens. All seeds are tested by an independent laboratory for perfect Quality tested. At the same time, the business sells no cultivated varietieswhich may look better as mature plants. In fact, uncultivated varieties are generally much better in terms of ingredient and vitamin content.

But what is actually the Difference between microgreens and sprouts? Both variants are one and the same plantonly that Harvest age is different. Sprouts have an age of approx. 3-8 days and microgreens of approx. 8-20 days. Of course, it is not possible to determine the exact age to the day, but it can be said to be roughly the same. You can find more details on this here.

My absolute Microgreen favorites I have listed and photographed them below:


Mizuna has a delicate cabbage flavor and is Slightly spicy. The fine microgreens can be used perfectly as a decoration or as a side dish to a salad. I particularly like to use them in burgers as a supplement or alternative to a regular salad.

Grow Grow Nut Mizuna 01
Grow Grow Nut Broccoli 01 Square


Broccoli is known as particularly healthy vegetables which acts as an immune booster. The spicy-piquant The taste is slightly reminiscent of Chinese cabbage. I particularly like to eat broccoli on bread as an addition to spreads. But broccoli is also a wonderful addition to salads. Broccoli can also be used to make super tasty Microgreens pesto make!


Sunflowers are less sharp than mizuna and broccoli and taste Slightly sweet, fresh and crunchy. They grow very tall if you follow a few tips, so a grow groove with sunflowers is a good basis for a salad. The seed coat can be removed by shaking if it has not already fallen off by itself.

Grow Grow Groove Sunflowers 01 Square
Grow Grow Nut Peas 01 Square


Similar to sunflowers, peas are very uncomplicated to grow and give you a high yield. They taste like fresh sugar snap peas and are incredibly crisp. In addition, the Root formation very impressive. I particularly like them fried in a pan with a few drops of oil and garlic - a real treat!

Are you interested and want to find out more about microgreens? Then take a look at Microgreens at home to learn tips and tricks about growing microgreens.

At Microgreens at Home you can learn tips and tricks about growing microgreens.

Microgreens at home

Tips & Tricks

  • As the Grow-Grow Nut is a natural product, its lifespan is naturally limited. Due to the Rubbing with oil (after a thorough cleaning) you can extend it, because oil maintains wood, as is known from other areas of application.
  • The Grow-Grow groove is naturally water-repellent and also has three holes for draining excess water. Nevertheless, it is recommended that the Do not overwater microgreens.
  • To stretch the microgreens (i.e. make them grow longer and larger), it is advisable to use the Lid of the starter kit to be usedto prevent the microgreens from receiving sunlight for the first few days (Blackout). This causes them to stretch and become significantly larger overall.
  • For better positioning of the Grow-Grow groove, I sometimes use a Bamboo flower standas you can see in the gallery (at the bottom). This gives the Grow-Grow Groove even better stability. At the same time, it also aerates the Grow-Grow Nut from below at the three holes for the water outlet.


Microgreens are suitable - depending on the degree of spiciness and flavor - as the perfect, vitamin-rich snack and as Alternative to unhealthy fast food. With high-yield microgreens in particular, hunger is satisfied after just a handful of microgreens. Nevertheless, microgreens are perfect as Stylish addition to regular recipes to.

Grow Grow Nut Recipe Burger 01 Square


Microgreens can be used to super tasty burgers make! In addition to the salad, you can simply add microgreens to the burger. Not only does this make it super crispy and fresh, it also makes it even more delicious. a whole lot healthier. My favorites for this are Broccoli and Mizuna.

A tasty burger includes lettuce, tomato, onion, cheddar cheese and a delicious sauce.


You can use microgreens as Supplement to salad or even as a salad on its own eat. For this purpose, we recommend particularly productive microgreens such as Peas, Sunflowers or Field beans. I especially like to eat them with avocado and balsamic dressing.

Grow Grow Nut Recipe Salad 01 Square
Grow Grow Nut Recipe Lasagne 01 Square


Microgreens are not only suitable as beautiful decorationbut can also Practical in lasagna and other casseroles be used. I particularly recommend the following Spinach or Broccoli.


Isn't curry delicious? Yes. But with microgreens it becomes even tastier, crunchier and gives the final (fresh) kick! A delicious curry should of course include curry paste, basmati rice, lentil balls, potatoes, carrots and broccoli - both as full-grown vegetables and as Microgreens.

It is important that you use the broccoli (microgreens) sprinkle over the curry at the endso that it stays super crispy. Against this you can Peas already in the curry.

Grow Grow Nut Recipe Curry 01 Square

My conclusion

The Grow-Grow Nut is a absolute eye-catcher - for you and your loved ones! With it, you can grow vitamins on your windowsill organically, with a clear conscience and without complications. The Grow-Grow Nut pursues good goals - for example, for every Starter kit a tree planted.

Microgreens are now considered the new superfood for good reason. Not only have they been proven to contain up to 40 times more vitamins than full-grown vegetables from the supermarket. No, they also taste varied, crunchy, fresh and flavorful.

Due to the uncomplicated care, the problem-free cultivation and the great initiative behind the Grow-Grow Nut, I can only warmly recommend it to you. If you follow my tips, success is guaranteed.

Are you already in love with microgreens (just like me)? Besides the Grow-Grow Nut there is also Microgreen trayswhich can be wonderfully used for cultivation. Here you can find more information about this.

Questions & Answers

Which microgreens can I grow in the grow groove?

You can grow microgreens in the grow groove. Particularly popular are Broccoli and Mizuna as small microgreens. Peas and Sunflowers grow a little higher and are also highly recommended.

How often / for how long can I use the Grow-Grow Nut?

In my experience, it has lasted for over two years now. Once you buy it, you'll have a great product at home forever. By regularly rubbing it with oil, you extend the life of the Grow-Grow Nut, as it cares for the wood.

How often do I need to water the microgreens?

When initially planting, you must soak the coco soil so that you can crumble it well. It should be well moistened so that it keeps the microgreens seeds moist for several days. You should also use a pressure sprayer to moisten the seeds regularly.

How long should I cover the microgreens?

Microgreens, whether in the Grow-Grow Nut or in other growing containers, should generally not be exposed to sunlight for the first few days so that they can "stretch out towards the sun" and grow larger. To do this, you can open the lid of your Grow-Grow Nut starter kits use.

Grow-Grow Nut
Grow Grow Nut Test Cover picture

The Grow-Grow Nut is my perfect companion for the windowsill in my home. I use it to grow tasty, vitamin-rich and healthy microgreens organically and 100% without plastic. The coconut bowl is stylish and a real highlight. The low price also makes it perfect as a gift.

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