Mozilla Track This: Goodbye to personalized advertising

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Advertising here, advertising there - and personalized too. For some years now, it has been impossible to imagine life without advertising tailored to the individual user. Some people may like it, as it draws their attention to offers that are suitable for them. However, the majority of Internet users reject this type of advertising - especially because not only necessary, but also comprehensive user profiles and therefore (almost) Digital Twins be created. After searching for underwear, not every user wants to see permanent images of underwear when they are online. Installing an ad blocker has therefore become a routine task when installing any Internet browser. But even modern ad blockers can prevent the collection of data for personalized advertising. Mozilla has therefore started an experiment and is introducing it with a provocative question.

Do you have the feeling that advertising on the Internet knows you too well?


With Track This Mozilla has launched an experiment that allows you to change your digital personality with just one click - and not just in its own Internet browser "Firefox", but also on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari, for example. This works by Tracking services fed with false information can be used. To do this, the user can choose from four profiles choose:

  • Hyperbeast - Obsession with streetwear and current music
  • Filthy Rich - super rich person
  • Doomsday - Prepper preparing for the end of the world
  • Influencer - influential Instagrammer

By selecting a profile 100+ tabs open with corresponding profile contentto deceive the tracking services with false information. These must all be closed manually - i.e. it is recommended to open a separate window of the Internet browserwhich can be closed again after opening the tabs. In addition, any activated ad blocker deactivated for this action so that the tracking services are not prevented from doing their work.

I opened the influencer profile and for the next seven days I was shown ads that had nothing to do with me.

Daniel Greenberg, project participant

In particular due to the future Decreasing importance of ad blockers through the Strong, native integration in the Internet browser this is an exciting experiment to keep in mind.

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