Test & Feedback: Bugs, tasks and test cases in Azure DevOps

Microsoft Azure DevOps Test and Feedback cover image

The extension Test & feedback for Azure DevOps - formerly Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) - or Team Foundation Server (TFS) enables every team member to do so, create new bugs, tasks and test cases quickly and purposefully. In my opinion, this is a very useful extension to strengthen cooperation within the project and make it more efficient.

After installation, three primary functions are available:

  1. Capture - Team members can easily create notes, screenshots and screen recordings of problems. These automatically contain relevant data for problem analysis and resolution, such as the operating system, the browser version and the history that led to this page.
  2. Create - After the inventory, bugs, tasks and test cases can be created in no time at all. Test cases are automatically enriched with the history that led to the problem and the resulting screenshots.
  3. Collaborate - The extension includes additional functions for working directly with other team members. In addition to offline functionality, it is also possible to search through user stories and other basic elements.

The extension is platform-independentIt works on Windows, macOS and other Linux-based systems. It is available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and thus also for the new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium. The collaboration solution, i.e. Azure DevOps or TFS, does not need to be adapted. All further information on this and the Two modes in which the extension can be operatedcan be found in the Microsoft Help:

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