Office 365: Activation of licenses from abroad

Office 365 Personal Home activation license abroad

As part of the MVP Global Summits I bought several Office 365 licenses from the Microsoft Company Store in the USA to activate them at home in Germany. In the process, I received the Error message, my account could not be set up. Microsoft is pursuing the Philosophy that licenses can only be activated in the country in which they were purchased. This is probably because there are price differences between the individual countries. However, there is a trick to activate your legally purchased license anyway.

The Error messagethat appeared during the online setup was as follows:

Unfortunately, your account cannot be set up at the moment.
Continue to use your product key until then and try again later.
If a problem occurs, please contact support.
Error code: GroupsAdminUnavailable

The Solution of the problem: Use a VPN provider and connect to the country in which you purchased the Office 365 license. Activation will then work without any problems.

If the activation still fails, I can provide you with the Microsoft Support and a further Blog article to the heart:

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