Review: Visual Studio 2019 Launch Event on April 02, 2019

Visual Studio 2019 Launch Event Lennart Woermer Subway 01

On April 02, 2019 Visual Studio 2019 launch events worldwide to celebrate the official availability of the new version of the development environment. One of them took place at the University of Applied Sciences of Economics (FHDW) in Bergisch Gladbach. In about 45 participantscame together to watch the not quite regular Keynote speech by Scott Hanselman to look at. Questions and answers from the social networks were then answered.

Variety" was also the name of the game when it came to catering - because This time, Subway delivered a variety of differently topped subs as well as drinks, cookies, potato chips and sauces. There was also Win high-quality goodies from LinkedIn and the FHDW.

All Impressions and further information can be found on the event homepage:

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