Review: Building and Running Cloud Native Apps on Azure

Azure Cologne Meetup Building Runnung Cloud Native Apps Azure Daniel Neumann Dennis Zielke 2


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On November 20, 2018, members of the Azure Cologne Meetup at the SAE Institute at the Cologne Campusto discuss the possibilities and limitations of cloud native apps. In charge have Daniel Neumann and Dennis Zielke Best practices and innovations were presented and different technologies compared. The evening was accompanied by Subway catering.


Various issues were discussed at the event:

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  • What makes up the Cloud Native App Technology Stack?
  • How do AKS, Helm (Kubernetes Package Manager), OSBA (Open Service Broker for Azure), Virtual Kubelet, Functions as a Service and Devspaces work?
  • How do you design, develop and operate cloud native apps on Microsoft Azure in the enterprise sector?


At this Meetup, many Live demos with examples of various application scenarios was shown. The topic was how to be successful with Kubernetes and the associated toolchains from the open source sector and Microsoft Azure.

So how do you build and operate software on the basis of a well-supported and stable stack? The Cloud Native Computing Foundation offers important answers:

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