Joybee K2: Wireless robotic lawnmower with RTK and VSLAM from $999

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Joybee K2 is an autonomous lawn mower from Joybee that is equipped with a dual (in a sense redundant) positioning system. The device uses RTK and VSLAM technology to achieve precise, centimeter-accurate positioning. The mower can mow an area of 2,000 m² per day. The cutting height can be adjusted between 25-60 mm, while the cutting width is 220 mm. The robot mower is able to overcome 45% slopes and 30 mm high vertical obstacles. The battery has a capacity of 100 Wh and a service life of more than 1500 cycles. The mower is equipped with a Bluetooth and WLAN module.

Joybee K2: Equipped with advanced technology

Previous generations of RTK robotic lawnmowers such as the Segway Navimow, Mammotion Luba or Kress RTK rely (almost) exclusively on the RTK signal. However, this can fluctuate - in cloudy conditions, under trees, on hedges, on houses or simply if the satellites are not positioned optimally. As a result, previous RTK robots may stop during the mowing process because they can no longer find their bearings.

The Joybee K2 is capable of finding its way around any gardenby orienting itself using the RTK signal (publicly available) and VSLAM technology (local placement of inconspicuous landmarks at locations with potentially weak RTK signals). A Comparison video between RTK and RTK in conjunction with VSLAM illustrates the advantages impressively. The Joybee K2 navigates confidently through your garden even in poor RTK conditions!

Other features such as a camera with 3D depth detection and AI-supported obstacle detection make the Joybee K2 a truly intelligent robotic lawnmower. After a 60-minute charging process the Joybee K2 mows with up to 90 minutes running time your lawn up to 2,000 m² per day. One IPX6 certification ensures that the robotic lawnmower can also be cleaned using a garden hose without fear of water damage.

Specifications of the Joybee K2

The Joybee K2 is a robotic lawnmower that can also handle comparatively low Cutting heights (perfect for a golf turf). This can be selected between 25-60 mm be set, while the Cutting width 220 mm is . The mower is able to, 45% Gradients and 30 mm high vertical obstacles to overcome.

joybee k2 specifications
Joybee K2 specifications

Joybee K2 vs. Mammotion Luba vs. other RTK robotic lawnmowers

The Joybee K2 has a number of functions that set it apart from previous RTK robotic lawn mowers:

  • Thanks to 3D depth detection and AI-supported image recognition navigates the Joybee K2 confidently around obstacles around. Robotic mowers such as the Mammotion Luba have difficulties in detecting obstacles due to the inaccurate ultrasonic sensors. Tall grass or crossbars of climbing frames are often recognized as obstacles.
  • The combination of the public RTK signal and local VSLAM makes the robotic lawnmower Future-proof and fail-safe. RTK robotic lawnmowers without a camera often have difficulty navigating narrow alleys, under trees, around hedges and in areas with a weak RTK signal.
  • The manufacturer of the Joybee K2, Kingxchip from China, is a experienced manufacturer for robotic vacuum cleaners. Although the Joybee K2 is the first robotic lawnmower, it can be assumed that the basic functions have already been tried and tested. More background information in a Story video about the Joybee K2.
  • There are already numerous very promising videos from the Joybee K2 on the official Joybee YouTube channel.

Joybee K2 from $999 and delivery from April 2024

The Joybe K2 Kickstarter campaign has started. You can now pre-order the robotic lawnmower for $999, including shipping.

The Kickstarter campaign was already funded to over 100% after just a few minutes and will run until February 05, 2024. The Hersterller is planning the Delivery from April 2024.

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