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In addition to growing tomatoes and chilies, growing edible flowers is the next exciting discipline we're tackling today. Plantui offers numerous edible flowerssuch as snapdragon and a variety of violet varieties in different colors. I particularly like flowers because you can use them in so many ways: Whether in a salad, on a piece of cake or frozen in ice cubes - a highlight is guaranteed.

With a Plantui Smart Gardenyou have numerous options at your hand. However, my instructions and impressions are not only exclusively relevant for Plantui smart gardens, but for each of you who are involved with flowers.

How to grow edible flowers 🌺

How to grow flowers in a smart garden at home? What are the special features? And how to reuse flowers? Without giving too much away already - there are numerous possibilities!

Choosing the right flower variety

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In the wild and nature there are many flowers that have different characteristics. Some flowers are very small, others grow several meters high. In a Plantui Smart Garden is limited space, so we can focus on the most beautiful flowers. Snapdragon stands out in particular - a plant with beautiful flowers that, compared to violets, can also take up two planting slots in a Plantui Smart Garden. Of course, you can also plant your own varieties of flowers. For this I recommend the experimental kitin which you can plant specially selected seeds in a Plantui Smart Garden. Make sure that the plant does not grow too large.

Providing sufficient light, right nutrients

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Flowers need plenty of light and the right nutrients to grow nice. As with tomatoes, I recommend that you use the Blooming Light Block. It's the perfect match for flowers! This will allow you to provide valuable light to low-lit parts of your flower plants, such as the lower area. But especially, it provides a special light to produce more beautiful flowers, starting from just a few weeks of growth! Your flower plants will thank you for it.

Harvesting your flowers

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If you've followed the steps so far, your whole room is probably already blooming and spring has sprung - no matter the season. Now it's time to harvest flowers before they fade. To do this, simply cut off the flower, before its bud, so that the flower remains intact.

Deserts, Ice Cubes & More

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You can use your harvested flowers in many ways: I personally like to decorate homemade salads with them - a real eye-catcher and highlight for your visitors! But you can also embellish cakes just as well, as the photo shows. In summer, I recommend freezing flowers in ice cubes. This way you bring a whole new kind of freshness to your delicious cocktails and drinks.

Materials: Flower seeds

Questions & Answers

Can I grow flowers in a smart garden?

Yes. You can even eat the flowers!

Which flowers are good for smart gardens?

For a smart garden are suitable numerous varieties of flowers that do not grow too large. I have had particularly good experience with violets and snapdragon.

Is it complicated to grow edible flowers in a smart garden?

No, it is not at all when following a few steps and when using a good smart garden such as the Plantui Smart Garden. Make sure to provide the plants with enough light and good nutrients.

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