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Growing chilies - next to raising tomatoes - certainly one of the most attractive challenges of any gardener. Even in the field of indoor gardens can be planted chilies, which you can perfectly use to spice up numerous dishes. There are a few aspects that you should pay attention to when growing. In this article, you'll learn tips and tricks for growing chilies in smart gardens using my Plantui Smart Garden as an example.

How to grow chilis

How does growing chilies in smart gardens work? Below you will learn essential tips and tricks from my own experience.

Choosing the right chili variety

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Normal chili plants grow dense and tall, so they become large plants. So I recommend you choose a chili variety that is compact enough in size to grow in your smart garden. Plantui offers the "Medusa" chili (small and hot) and the "Bird's Eye Baby" chili (larger). Through the experimental kit, you can also plant your own seeds.

Providing sufficient light, right nutrients

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Chiles usually need a lot of space and light. For healthy plant growth, it is therefore essential that your smart garden offers sufficient light. In a Plantui Smart Gardenyou can plant up to six chili plants in parallel. If you don't use every planting space, cover the open spaces with a piece of cardboard, for example. This will prevent light from entering through the opening and algae from forming.

With a light-height module you ensure that especially the lower and innermost parts of the plant do not suffer from a lack of light. In general, the best place for a Boosting Light Block is in the lowest part. This extra light is useful even if not all the slots are occupied.

No matter how many chilies you grow, I equally recommend using a Blooming Height Block to speed up flowering and fruiting. This additional light is used when the first buds appear. It should be placed at the same height as the buds. The special height module should always be placed where the flowers and ripening fruit are.

Activating flower pollination

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When the first flowers open, shake the whole plant by touching the stems. In this way, pollen will be distributed among the flowers. Repeat pollination every few days to ensure that new flowers are also pollinated. This step can be used not only for chilis, but also for tomatoes and analogous plants. An alternative way to activate the pollination is to use your own pollinator stick with a cotton swab and pollinate the flowers by hand. Both options work great and provide an important step towards a great harvest. 🌶️

Harvesting your chilis

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The day has come! Always harvest when the chilies are ripe. It's worth taking a look behind the leaves, as some chilies may be hiding there. Be careful when eating - chilies can be very hot!

Materials: Tomato seeds

Questions & Answers

Can I grow chilis in a smart garden?

Yes, absolutely. Read my tutorial for best practices and experiences.

Which chilis are good for smart gardens?

There are varieties that don't grow too large and high. Use them as there is only limited space in a smart indoor garden.

Is it complicated to grow chilis in a smart garden?

No, it isn't when using a good smart garden such as the Plantui Smart Garden. Make sure to provide the plants with enough light and good nutrients.

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