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Microsoft's Power Platform has had a lot of growth recently as it has become one of the core offerings of Microsoft's entire product line. But with changes in importance and technology, new licensing plans came by and were released in October 2019. The structure of the previous plans (called P1 and P2) were totally changed and therefore, a new challenge was created for creating environments in production or as a sandbox caused by database capacity

Plantui Smart Gardens are perfect for plant lovers like me. They offer a fascinating and convenient way to grow plants – for both old and young . At the same time, their smart gardens are based with futuristic technology based on hydroponic watering. Hydroponically grown plants like herbs, spices and flowers are not only super fresh and crispy but also very healthy as they get all the best nutrients directly from the water of the

Ihr möchtet eine personalisierte E-Mail-Adresse ohne Zusatzkosten verwenden? Kein Problem: Mit Premium könnt ihr eure eigene Domain (z.B. mit eurem E-Mail-Postfach unter verknüpfen. Voraussetzung hierfür ist das Hosting eurer Domain unter GoDaddy sowie ein Microsoft 365-Abonnement. Ich persönlich benutze diese Funktion und erhalte somit meine E-Mails vom Kontaktformular direkt in Damit habe ich volle Exchange-Funktionalitäten und keine Extrakosten für ein weiteres Exchange-Hosting. Vorwort Habt ihr Lust, das Angebot von Microsoft zu nutzen? Es gilt, einige