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Advantages of Smart Gardens by Plantui

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If you don’t have a green thumb, you can just leave the job to technology. Those who live in urban areas and don’t have their own garden can now garden, too. And for those who value sustainability, it’s worth considering purchasing an intelligent indoor garden.

Sustainable Indoor Gardening is a Trend

What actually is a smart garden and what does smart gardening mean? Basically, it’s when plants (herbs, lettuces, chilies, tomatoes, microgreens) are grown and tended intelligently with the help of technology. Common features of such devices include functions such as automatic irrigation or plant-specific lighting.

The really smart features, such as cameras and connectivity, tend to be more pronounced in larger devices like Miele’s Plantcube that cover the range of vertical farming. Equally functional equipment produces the Canadian manufacturer ZipGrow – only with less connectivity and no app . Smaller smart gardens like those from Finnish manufacturer Plantui also offer numerous functions and modes, but are not (yet) operable via app. Inexpensive entry-level models, such as those from AeroGarden, or Click and Grow from Emsa sometimes include even fewer functions, for example no automatic watering, fewer accessories or less professional plant light LEDs.

Smart gardens are in vogue because cultivation is – depending on the model – child’s play: Plants are usually purchased in so-called plant capsules – similar to the Nespresso concept and very easy to use via plug and pay. Depending on the growth category of the plants, you will receive a magnificent plant within just a few weeks. And let’s face it, who can resist the scent of fresh thyme or rosemary, the taste of crisp tomatoes, or the sight of picture-perfect violets? I certainly can’t!

As a rule, smart indoor gardens do not work with soil, but with rockwool or other substrates. This ensures that bugs are not delivered with, but also do not like to settle. A clean thing!

For irrigation and supply of nutrients, smart indoor gardens are equipped with a water tray, which have a capacity of between 1 and 4 liters, depending on the model. To the water you then add specific nutrients that are absorbed directly through the rootln of the plants. Together with optimized plant lights, this provides an optimal growing environment for your plants.

Typical accessories are additional height modules with special light or trays for microgreens.

Advantages of Smart Indoor Gardens

A smart garden brings with it numerous benefits:

  • Grow fresh herbs for the kitchen, let flowers bloom, tomatoes or chilies grow.
  • Even microgreens (the new superfood) can be grown (more info in my article on microgreens).
  • Have your work cut out for you and say goodbye to plants that have dried out or are over-watered. Automatic irrigations take care of optimal nutrient supply (depending on the plant growth stage). However, this function is more reserved for higher-priced smart gardens, such as those from Plantui.
  • Stop thinking about getting enough nutrients and fertilizer.
  • Rely on optimal plant lights that, at best, match the growth of your plants.
  • With hydroponics, you can achieve water savings of up to 90% and pave the way for sustainable gardening.

Finally, the design of numerous smart gardens is a real eye-catcher. The topic is trending right now and will certainly become even more relevant in the future. And not everyone, or rather only very few people, own such a smart device yet.

Smart Gardening has Style

Speaking of which, smart gardens are real eye-catchers: Not only are the higher-priced devices like those from Plantui (LINK) a feast for the eyes. They are also flexible in use (plants, microgreens, light source) and can be set up.

I, for example, use a Plantui Smart Garden 6 on my desk: Not only does it provide beautiful, bluish light (reminiscent of the northern lights in Finland), but it also always provides a good opportunity for a tasty, healthy and vitamin-rich snack in between. Stop reaching for unhealthy snacks and reach for crunchy microgreens or grown tomatoes.

It so happens that the design of Plantui was awarded by the jury of the Red Dot Design Awards in 2015.

The innovative idea behind Plantui Smart Garden has been realized in a formally appealing design, paired with a high ease of use.

Red Dot Design Award Jury

I particularly like the way smart technology and nature are brought together in a confined space: Urban areas in particular lack green spaces that can provide daily relaxation. Even having your own garden in a city is almost impossible. That’s why indoor gardening solutions are particularly suitable for bringing a little green into your own four walls. At the same time, we live in a world that is becoming more and more digitalized and technologically developed; everyone now has to deal with technology for a normal life – an increasing number even professionally.

A smart garden creates a bridge between (artificial) technology and nature and thus represents a groundbreaking concept for the preservation of our planet.

Lennart Wörmer

At the same time, I also enjoy taking care of my plants, which are like little children to me: I have to harvest them regularly and I can prune some plants (e.g. tomatoes and basil) to make them grow even more splendid. After many intense meetings in the home office, this is just the right distraction for me, because I can divert my thoughts from work to another topic. Take time out and watch your plants grow – every day, and you can be proud of it!

Advantages of Plantui Smart Gardens

I have now owned a Plantui Smart Garden since 2019 – and in the following years more and more devices with accessories were added. I am fascinated by the high-quality finish in combination with the easy handling:

  • Automatic irrigation – coupled with optimized nutrients – ensures optimal care for your plants.
  • Optimized plant light that adapts to plant growth stimulates photosynthesis and makes your plants grow faster and more magnificently.
  • Special height modules further promote growth and increase the size of your harvest.
  • The modular design allows you to grow different categories of plants, such as herbs, salads, microgreens, flowers, chilies and tomatoes.
  • The large assortment of over 50 plant varieties is complemented by an experimental kit that allows you to plant your own seeds.
  • Not only the design, but also the processing of a Plantui Smart Garden is of high quality and sustainable design. Learn more in this article on Plantui.com.

After you could already see a few impressions of the plants above, I have also shot a few photos of the equipment itself for you:

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Read more about the Plantui Smart Garden in my full review:

Plantui also licenses its proprietary technology to other partners, such as BOSCH of Germany (BOSCH SmartGrow). Read more about the collaboration here and more about compatibilities here.

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