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Frameworks for testing Model-Driven Apps (Power Apps)

Testing Model-Driven Apps (Power Apps) is primarily based on code approaches, as they are based on established structures on Dynamics 365 CRM. Although the development of Model-Driven Apps is getting closer and closer to the possibilities of Citizen Developers through continuous enhancements, especially the testing of them is code-heavy. In summary, tools exist to test interfaces and components as well as data structure integrity.

Tools for Testing Model-Driven Apps

EasyRepo – UI Tests

Open Source: Yes
Initial Effort: Medium to High
Approach: Low-Code and Code

EasyRepo is a free, additional library that can be used to check the UI of Model-Driven Power Apps for consistency in different scenarios through automated test procedures. In addition, routine user workflows can be tested. A large number of functions of the Model-Driven App framework are supported. Technologically, the EasyRepo library is based on Selenium and thus on a framework for “automating browser applications, which […] is one of the best-known and most popular UI test automation solutions for web applications”.

Fake XRM Easy – Unit Tests

Open Source: Yes
Initial Effort: High
Approach: Code

Fake Xrm Easy allows automated testing of plugins written in C# as extensions for Model-Driven Apps. This application describes an extension to XrmToolBox – a tool that can connect to Dataverse environments and can be used to make technical modifications through numerous community extensions. With Fake Xrm Easy, the XrmToolBox is provided with a fast and locally available Dataverse database to perform local unit tests with established .NET test frameworks. unit tests using established .NET test frameworks. NUnit and are explicitly recommended.

Solution Checker – Data Structure

Open Source: No
Initial Effort: Low
Approach: Low-Code

The integrated Solution Checker describes a Microsoft Power Plarform procedure for checking data structure integrity – related to Dataverse as well as Model-Driven Apps and Canvas Apps (see also “App Checker”). The Solution Checker is integrated into the AD&D process and focuses on the quality check before delivery of a (new) version of an application. The tool can be used without technical knowledge; understanding and fixing problems that may be identified may require the involvement of IT specialists.

Canvas Apps

Canvas apps are not directly based on a data model. Where model-driven apps have a direct link between the data model and the user interface, canvas apps aim to create interfaces independent of the data source. This promotes low-code thinking and the work of citizen developers. Canvas Apps are therefore tested differently from Model-Driven Apps. Read my article on Canvas app testing to learn more.

Questions & Anwers

How can I test Model-Driven Apps (Power Apps)?

You can test the UI, components and data structure integrity within Model-Driven Apps. Tools such as EasyRepo, Fake XRM Easy and the Solution help you for these tasks.

Is there a test framework for Model-Driven Apps (Power Apps)?

There is no one-fits-it-all test framework available. However, tools such as EasyRepo, Fake XRM Easy and the Solution help you for testing your awesome apps.

How can I perform UI tests of Model-Driven Apps (Power Apps)?

EasyRepo is a library for UI testing of Model-Driven Apps (Power Apps) through Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

How can I perform Unit Tests of Model-Driven Apps (Power Apps)?

Fake XRM Easy helps you to automate testings of your C# plugins for Model-Driven Apps (Power Apps).

How can I perform data structure tests of Model-Driven Apps (Power Apps)?

The Solution Checker validates the data structure integrity selected items, such as tables, relationships, apps, and more.

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    Gerald Dunn

    Hey Lennart, good information…thank you very much. Do you happen to know..are there any plans to expand the Canvas Apps test studio to MDA, do you know?

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