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Growing tomatoes in an indoor garden is one of the most amazing experiences of growing plants. Tomatoes are more than herbs, great, more. You can eat tomatoes and use them in your salad. Or you can decorate your delicious pizza with freshly harvested tomatoes. With a Plantui Smart Garden, you have almost unlimited possibilities.

How to grow tomatoes

But how to grow tomatoes in the best possible way? I’ve put together a few important tips and tricks that will help you grow them.

Choosing the right tomato variety

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Choose a suitable variety of tomatoes. In a Plantui Smart Garden you can use your own seeds in the experimental kit. Otherwise, I recommend you the red or yellow cherry tomatos. Be careful to choose a variety of tomato that does not grow too large. Also, tomatoes need more space to grow than other plants.

Providing sufficient light, right nutrients

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Tomatoes need plenty of light and the right nutrients to grow vigorously and produce a large harvest. In a Plantui Smart Garden, I therefore recommend that you use Boosting Light Block and Blooming Light Block. This will allow you to provide valuable light to low-lit parts of your tomato plants, such as the lower area. I recommend placing the booster lights in the lower area. The flower lights are especially good to place at the height of the flowers of your tomato plants. Your tomato plants will thank you for it.

Activating flower pollination

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Activate the flower pollination of your plants. This step can be used not only for tomatoes, but also for chilis and analogous plants. There are two variants for flower pollination: First, you can shake the plants by shaking the stem. Second, you can make your own pollinator stick with a cotton swab and pollinate the flowers by hand. Both options work great and provide an important step towards a great harvest.

Harvesting your tomatoes

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The day has come! Harvest your tomatoes and do not let them linger too long on the plant. This way you are sure to harvest them fresh and juicy. Decorate your salad or your pizza or eat the delicious tomatoes as a snack in between. You have many options at your disposal!

Questions & Answers

Can I grow tomatoes in a smart garden?

Yes, absolutely. Read my tutorial for best practices and experiences.

Which tomatoes are good for smart gardens?

There are varieties that don’t grow too large and high. Use them as there is only limited space in a smart indoor garden.

Is it complicated to grow tomatoes in a smart garden?

No, it isn’t when using a good smart garden such as the Plantui Smart Garden. Make sure to provide the plants with enough light and good nutrients.

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