Plantui Smart Garden – Cleaning & Maintenance

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Plantui Smart Gardens are easy to handle. Mount the device, plant the plants, insert nutrients and water and here you go. Every groth cycle you should clean the device, though. Here are a few steps for you to maintain your device. Love it, take care and be happy.

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Cleaning the Plantui isn’t very complicated at all. There is an automated cleaning mode as a smart function as mentioned above. I recommend to follow the following steps.

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Remove plants

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Remove all your plants first before using the cleaning mode!

Drain water

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Drain the used water from your Plantui. To do this, simply detach the light unit (pulling) and the water pump (twisting) and here you go.

Add warm water and citric aid

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Add warm, fresh water to your water bowl. Add citric aid to your water. For the Plantui Smart Gardens with six plants, use 1 tablespoon (15ml). For the Plantui Smart Gardens with three plants, use 1 teaspoon (5 ml).

Cleaning mode

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Mount everything again (but not the plants) and use the smart cleaning mode by placing your hand on the top respectively pressing the button for fifteen seconds. The lights will turn blue (Plantui Smart Garden 6) or green (Plantui Smart Garden 3) and the water pump makes sure that every part of your smart garden is getting cleaned.

Detach and clean

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Detach everything and drain the water. Clean the parts with a dish towel or – if you want to clean your smart garden very well – put all non-electrical parts into the dishwasher (max. 50° celsius).

Refill with water and nutrients

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Now you can fill it with fresh water and nutrients. Continue using your Plantui Smart Garden. ????


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  • Citric Aid

Questions & Answers

How can I clean a Plantui Smart Garden?

You can clean it with citric aid and warm water. All non-electrical parts can be cleaned in a dishwasher with max. 55° Celsius temperature.

How can I maintain a Plantui Smart Garden?

Regularly clean it, especially the water pump. I recommend to clean it after every growth cycle, so around every three month.

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