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Plantui Smart Gardens are perfect for plant lovers like me. They offer a fascinating and convenient way to grow plants – for both old and young . At the same time, their smart gardens are based with futuristic technology based on hydroponic watering. Hydroponically grown plants like herbs, spices and flowers are not only super fresh and crispy but also very healthy as they get all the best nutrients directly from the water of the smart garden’s water reservoir.

Plant Capsules

There are many plant capsules available for Plantui Smart Gardens and if you’re up to an adventure, you can also try out their experimental kits. In this article, I would like to present you my favorite plants and the best recipes for them.

Basil – Tomato Sauce, Pesto

Basil is one of my favorite herbs which can be grown in Plantui Smart Gardens for sure: Not only do they grow easily without a lot of care. You can also use it in many ways – to decorate, to season your meals or you can simply eat it as it is such an incredible fresh and crispy herb.

I really love to use basil with tomato sauce. Harvest a few leaves and cut them into small pieces. Then, add it to your tomato sauce and cook it together. The sauce will acquire the taste of basil. Another option is to decorate the tomato sauce with tome leaves placed on top.

Another great option is to make basil pesto with it. You need leaves, garlic, parmesan, salt, pepper, olive oil and pine nuts or walnuts or pecan nuts. Use your blender and mix it. Believe me – it is a completely different taste then pesto bought from a grocery store.

Mint – Tea, Cocktail, Dessert

Mint is a great herb as it is so healthy – it is even called a medical plant: It helps fighting colds and stomach pain. Therefore, one of my favorite things to do with mint is to cook a mint tea and round it off by adding some honey. Especially in winter and on cold days, that’s a great way to limber up. And the best part of it: A mint tea is really fast to make!

Not only hot drinks but also cold drinks are predestined drinks for mint: Simply create your own mojito cocktail with fresh mint, soda, lime, crushed ice, brown sugar and optional some alcohol. Why don’t you try making it by yourself in this summer?

An extremely tasty dessert is mint mascarpone cream. It consists of mascarpone cream, sugar, freshly chopped mint, and strawberries. Build your dessert by placing strawberries and the cream in layers in a glass. It will result in an extraordinary design.

Chili – Soup and Asian Food

If you like it spicy, then you should try out Chili Demon Red or Chili „Bird’s Eye Baby“. They are amazing chili plants with a lot of harvest yield. Although is a plant with a relatively long growth time (compared to other herbs), it’s worth trying it: After a few weeks, the plant will start flowering and producing lots of small chilis. After two more weeks, the chilis start turning red and you can harvest them.

Chili can be used for almost every food to make it a bit more special and spicier. I mainly use it in soups and Asian food (e.g. Hot Pot or Pad Thai).

For large plants like chili and flowers, I can highly recommend you the light height blocks from Plantui. For more information how to perfectly grow chili, have a look at a designated article.

Plantui Recipes

For more great recipes from Plantui, check out their recipe eBook!

For more information about the Plantui devices and functionalities, have a look at my review on my website.

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