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Xbox One S – Fixing noisy fans creating an ultra silent console

The Xbox One S is an amazing game console as every Xbox has been. However, with this version of the Xbox in particular, there’s been a problem with noisy fans. The quality of the original fans vary quite a lot and therefore, there can be really silent but also really noisy game consoles out there. Especially when you’re using your Xbox as a media center (which works perfectly), you don’t want to hear noisy fans. Luckily, it’s realively easy to replace the existing fan with an even better replacement fan by BeQuiet. Let’s see how it works.

Parts & Tools

In order to replace the original Xbox One S fan, you need the following tools and parts:

Why did I decide to use the BeQuiet Silent Wings 3 BL070 120mm High-Speed fan? Well, there are a few reasons why to use it:

  • First of all, BeQuiet deliveres – together with brands like Noctua – outstanding quality products and it’s worth to support them and buy a long-lasting product.
  • The replacement fan of the Xbox One S should have similar measures with the original fan. The BeQuiet fan meets those best: The right height ensures the hot air being pushed outside and not being kept inside. The width and length as well as the round shape meet the criteria in order to close the console again.
  • The fan is not only powerful enough (air throughput and RPM) but also much more silent than the original one – you could say “ultra silent”.

The only downside is that you’ll loose your warranty when opening your console. But hey, isn’t it fun to work on your own Xbox One S by yourself and improve it with better components than the original version?


In order to open the Xbox One S, simply follow the turorial from iFixit. The tutorial works for both the regular Xbox One S with a blu-ray drive and the Xbox One S All Digital.

Here are a few tipps and tricks for this special scenario:

  • You don’t have to remove the power supply neither you have to remove the entire electronics. In order to remove the existing, original fan, simply remove the four clips which hold the fan in place.
  • Mount the fan with the main logo on top so the hot air can leave the console.
  • There is no need to use cable ties in order to fix the fan.
  • Before you close the console completely, check if the fan is mounted properly. Therefore, start the Xbox One S and check if the fan is spinning without any problem. You may have to make a small dent into the aluminum grille so the spinning parts of the fan won’t touch it.

Then you’re ready to go. It’s a relatively hassle-free process with an amazing result: Finally, your Xbox One S is ultra silent!

Questions & Answers

How can I make my Xbox One S fan quieter?

You can make your Xbox One S fan quieter by installing another fan like the BeQuiet Silent Wings 3 BL070 120mm High-Speed fan.

Will the Xbox One S heat up when changing the fan?

No, that will not happen when using the High-Speed edition of the BeQuiet Silent Wings 3 120mm fan. Of course, there no warranty and I assume no liability.

My Xbox One S fan is noisy. What can I do?

Simply replace the original fan with a quieter fan. My tutorial shows you a step-by-step guide. The replacement process can be easily performed.

What do I need in order to replace the fan?

Obviously, you need another (quieter) fan. Additionally, you need an adapter for the fan to match with the pins on your Xbox One S. Furthermore, tools for opening the Xbox One S are required. All in all, it’s a straight-forward process that can be performed easily.


  • 30. December 2019



      • 3. January 2023


        Hey! I stumbled on this while looking for the adapter your using to connect the pc fan to the Xbox port. I don’t know what style port that is and can’t seem to find an answer. ALSO I stopped by to shout out to BeQuiet! Because they are awesome. I’m about to modify the top of my Xbox one S to mount a BeQuiet! 120mm air cooler to it! I think it would look awesome and hopefully will keep it nice and cool!

        • 27. January 2023


          I don’t know if you’ve found the answer already, but if not it’s just a simple 4-pin PWM to 4-pin VGA adapter. You can just search “PWM to VGA adapter” on google to find them. Here’s a link to one on Amazon US (the author of this article also linked to one that you could have clicked on and found your answer, by the way):

          • 27. January 2023


            Also, just wanted to add that the VGA connector is the connector used for graphic card fans, so the PWM to 4-pin VGA adapter is essentially an adapter that lets you hook a 4-pin PWM PC case fan into a 4-pin VGA (graphics card) connector.

  • 6. April 2020


    Did you notice that, the XBOX is not powering off completely after changing the FAN? Change one with a similar Fan, with red ligths included. If you power the system off, the fan will keep spinning and the light is still on. Don´t know why this is.
    I changed some power settings and the fan will stop spinning after some time.. sometimes its around 5 Minutes..

      • 30. March 2021

        SC Lai

        Thank you for the suggestion, however could you explain a little more on how you mount the Silent Wing to the headsink? The original fan have mounting hook.

        SC Lai

    • 3. January 2021


      Had the same issue. I flipped the fan so the motor/wiring/fan supports faced outward as that reflects the exhaust (different than the pictures suggesting to blow air into the xbox) and my fan shut off when I shut off the console. Perhaps the xbox wasn’t getting cool enough to shut off the fan with the air being blown into it instead of exhausting it?

  • 29. April 2020



    thanks for that great tutorial. I have heard about overheating issues when changing to this kind of aftermarket fan. What is your experience in terms of that?


  • 2. May 2020

    Thomas Whitehead


    If you don’t need to use cable ties how will the new fan connect to the heatsink?


  • 15. May 2020

    philippe fernandes

    Hello the problem in the modification is that the console heats up more
    (sorry if my english and bad)

  • 29. May 2020


    Hi, I´m very interested on apply this mod to my xbox one S but I´m from Colombia and it is complicate obtain all the parts. Can you help me to purchase the parts? Also I have a question about how you stay quiet the new fan if this havent the little locks? Can you make a video to watch all step by step? Thank you for absolutely anything.

  • 13. August 2020


    Great tutorial. Can I ask about the fan adaptor? The link to the product you provided appears to have been replaced with a 6 pin product.

    Can you provide a bit more detail about the adapter needed for this project please? 🙂

  • 15. August 2020


    Thanks for the great tutorial, I’ve noticed that in some other tutorial, they put the main logo of the fan downside, and in your tutorial, the main logo of the fan is on the top, so now I want to know that how does the fan spin exactly? (I mean the direction of the airflow)(sorry for my poor English)

      • 14. October 2020

        M. van Dijk

        Hi, I have question regarding the orientation of the fan as well, in addition to the comment above.

        If you look at the pictures, it is clear that the orientation of the blades on the new fan are reversed as compared to the original fan. On the original fan, the ‘sharper’ point on the blades is facing clockwise and are closest to the heatsink. On the replacement fan, when positioned with the bequiet-logo on top, the ‘sharp’ point of the blades is pointing counterclockwise and are furthest away from the heatsink.

        Could you comment on whether this is indeed the correct orientation for the replacement fan, i.e. different than the original fan?

        Thank you in advance! This tutorial was a godsend as the original fan is annoyingly audible troughout the living room, so thank you for that!

  • 22. September 2020


    Hello! Thanks it seems to work, and so quiet but i can feel that the fan is on when i out my hand close to the outblow on Xbox ???????????? I needed to bend the metal case

  • 27. February 2021


    Hallo, danke für die Anleitung, habe den Tweak genau so umgesetzt, bei mir hatte der original Lüfter sogar auf dem Kühlkörper geschliffen und war dadurch unerträglich laut, jetzt hört man nur noch Festplatte und Netzteil, stark!
    Thx. ????

  • 14. May 2021


    Hello! I recently bought this fan and the pwm adapter and it seems to work great.
    But i have a problem… The fan is touching the aluminium grille i think.. It wont spin around or it will touch the grille when i turn on the console. I cant get it to work properly. The big problem for me is when i mount the fan at the cpu and flip the console it seems like the fan is moving and when i screw back all the screws it dont work. I need some expertis advice from you! Best regards JM.

  • 12. August 2021


    Hallo Lennart. Ich habe den empfohlenen SilentWings 3 Lüfter mit passendem Adapter gemäss deiner Beschreibung installiert. Der Lüfter läuft zwar, aber konstant nur mit geringer Drehzahl. Er schaltet sich ebenfalls aus, wenn ich die Xbox ausschalte. Wie ist es bei deiner Xbox? Merkst du, wenn er aufdreht oder läuft er auch konstant langsam? Greetz, Arthur

      • 12. August 2021


        Vielen Dank für die rasche Antwort. Also hörst du den Lüfter gar nicht? Auch nicht aus 1 Meter Abstand? Also ich höre den Lüfter, zwar relativ leise, aber hörbar. Und aus 2 Metern höre ich eher die Festplatte als den Lüfter.

          • 12. August 2021


            Alles klar, dann ist bei meiner Xbox alles in Ordnung. Vielen Dank für die Rückmeldung und die Anleitung.

  • 20. March 2022


    “Hi and thanks so much for your comment. I’m sorry for replying delayed. Although this is not an official tutorial, I can recommend to mount the new BeQuiet fan as shown on my photos. This will cool the Xbox One S reliably.”

    No it won’t, you’ve turned an exhaust only port into an intake, heat rises, you’ve distributing the heat on the sink directly into the chassis heating up all other components instead.

    • 26. March 2022


      Lennart has clarified several times that the airflow direction of the new fan is the same as the original. Nothing has changed.

  • 27. February 2023



    “…check if the fan is mountet probably…”

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